Love Notes From Our Soul Fueled Community Members

“I highly recommend Tamara Gold’s SoulFueled Woman coaching. She is so well worth her consultation fee. Tamara shares great intuitive insights and effective strategies on managing stress and overwhelm while building a brand, signature projects, social media, webinar coaching, advertising, promotions to help your practice grow and so much more. I was so stressed out from all my projects. After just one of her SoulFueled Body session’s, I finished my book and I was buzzing for days. She has helped me package a one year program, rekindled my hope of succeeding and finally getting my life’s work out there in a big way. She is helping to turn my business around BIG TIME!”

Ojela Frank

Author, Founder of AUMAKHUA-KI® International

“Tamara, I want to thank you for the 8 awesome sessions! Great program! Incredible intuitive skills and the mind/body stuff that came up each week -seriously, you masterfully dialed into what is necessary on a somatic and spirit level to get real about what I needed to heal and move forward in life and business.  The clearing and activation assignments are so insightful. I feel so many deep shifts and finally see healing taking place. Along with my custom tapping assignments, the self care – it’s what my body needed to heal my physical and emotional issues connected to weight. I will tell everyone how exceptional this program is. Especially, for someone to ‘get real’ and get results in any area of life! Love that I’m always      learning and growing with you. 💜👍😀 Big Hug!”

Kim Brandt

Owner of A Healing Place

“I can say nothing but great things about Tamara’s SoulFueled Woman and Body Programs and consciousness tools. I have undergone so many amazing transformations and very quickly. Theses sessions leave me feeling calm, and at peace, allowing me to finally delve deep and clear the negative self-talk that sabotages my success and happiness. Working privately with Tamara, continually amazes me! I always learn something new about myself. Things that might have otherwise stayed hidden which has be a key piece in overcoming my weight issues. Through her support and coaching, I have lost over 60 lbs, completely turned my life around, and started doing the work I love again. I will continue to use her teachings and refer her work, to grow, and to help others as I have been helped myself.”

Jojo Donavan

Independent Image Stylist

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