Tamara Gold

💠B.S., Adv. MAT, NMT, CES, IASTM, Movement Specialist

💠EFT•Soul Realignment•NeuroCoach

💠AumaKhua-KI® Master Instructor

Fusing Ancient Healing Wisdom with

Cutting Edge Neuroscience, Pain Science, Human Movement, Neuro-Muscular & Yoga Therapy

for SOULFUELED Healing, Performance & Transformation

SoulFueled Body Therapy

With NeuroMuscular Therapy, I utilize advanced “HANDS ON” techniques that restore healthy neuro-muscular patterns, mobility, connective tissue health, correct postural dysfunction, poor body mechanics, combined with movement therapy via specific therapeutic movements, soft tissue mobilization and corrective stretches.

I create individualized treatments that work WITH, not against, natural functions of the body to accelerate healing and relieve pain while educating each individual client to understand why their injury occurred, the brain-body based daily habits to reverse it and how to prevent it from recurring.

A typical client will be referred to me with complex compensation patterns, chronic pain, injury or a long list of restrictions and many stories of failed treatment attempts. I have thousands of clients who have returned to their favorite activities after just 3 sessions or have fully healed from chronic pain  after participating in one – 12 week SoulFueled Body Program.

Let’s discuss your next step.

YIN-Ergize ™

Corrective Movement Therapy is indicated for anyone seeking to reverse injury, chronic pain patterns, restore and improve their quality of movement. Most times we are unaware of compensation patterns and movement inefficiency until movement becomes painful and problematic. I specialize in Advanced Neuromuscular, Integrated Movement and Bio-Energetic Assessments that address the root of your symptoms on a brain and whole body level while educating you on the exact patterns that caused them.

The intention of my Yin-Ergize™ Corrective Movement Program is to effectively restore and strengthen the psycho-neuro-muscular relationship in the body. 

After just one YIN-Ergize™ Yoga and Mobility session clients report radical pain relief, restored strength, function and mobility.

Apply for a spot in our first official online Yin-Ergize beta group program launching June 1st, 2018. Spaces limited in the beta round.

The SoulFueled Woman

 FLOW NeuroSuccess Coaching Program is the most revolutionary, intuitive and individualized coaching experience for the modern, driven, soulful woman – hands down.

This coaching intensive provides you with precise information to fuel absolute clarity around what you are designed to do best, how you are wired to thrive and create rapid breakthrough, happiness, flow and success in any area of life.

 Together, implementing advanced brain-body-based science, mindset, mindscaping and energy psychology you will bust through any veil of limitation.

FLOW will give you individualized implementation keys that fosters powerful and rapid transformation in minutes or days not years or decades.

This is a high impact, highly interactive, precise life navigation experience.

Who is this program for: 

  • Women ready to invest fully in a truly personalized transformational healing journey to help you forever shift or release pain, guilt, shame, fear, disappointment and any subconscious limitations you struggle with,
  • Women who want to understand the unique alchemy of their personal power and highest gift expression so that you create more positive experiences, energy, relationships, opportunities and flow in all areas of life.

Are you done:

  • Done settling for less 
  • Spinning your wheels and always experiencing the same ruts and results,
  • Burned out 
  • Ready for real change
  • Unfulfilled 
  • No longer willing to put your health, happiness, success, finances, quality of life on the back burner
  • Ready to let go of toxic work or relationships
  • NEED answers and clear action steps

 Customize your transformational journey here.

I focus on helping you achieve a completely holistic and optimal level of wellness, success and transformation. I assess many variations of YOUR unique mind-body patterns to create a priority driven program that helps you achieve your most important goals. Everything is customized to create a truly unique transformaitonal journey.
Tamara’s professional credentials include B.S. Holistic Nutrition, Certified NeuroSuccess Coach with 6 specializations in Health, Spirituality, Relationships, Entrepreneurship, Education, Leadership, Certified Life & Small Business Coach, Licensure in Massage Therapy (IL), ISBE Approved Educator, NCBTMB Approved Provider. Most of her certifications include the highest levels of Advanced Certification and Course Mastery: Adv. MyoSkeletal, MyoFascial, Structural Integration, Orthopedic-Medical-Sports Massage, Mercier Therapy, Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Fascial Stretching, Cupping, IASTM, Functional & Human Movement Therapy, Corrective Exercise, NeuroKinetic Based Therapies as well as Adv. Breath Meditation, QiGong, BodyTalk, AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Balancing & Meditation and EFT. Her professional career spans over three decades and includes clinical, management, consulting, academic, national curriculum development for national fitness – massage franchises, professional development training, performance and conditioning, as well as ownership roles.

Most recently, she is developing the SoulFueled Woman Live Transformational Retreats and hosting the SoulFueled Woman Mind, Body, Business Livestreams – Podcast. Her professional interests lie in a deeper understanding and exploration of human potential by combing ancient healing wisdom, neuro based science with manual medicine to create a soul fueled level of innovative therapy and business paradigms that facilitate the growth of her clients and colleagues. Tamara regularly trains and presents to health-wellness professionals nationally.

Contact Me With Questions or To Schedule Your Initial Assessment Appointment:


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The SoulFueled Academy

All of our lifestyle programs and course offerings empower our students to forge a strong and well-rounded brain-body based approach to health and wellness, to learn to assess the root cause of pain and symptoms on many levels of the mind-body and to create individualized treatment planning to create powerful transformation and optimize healing.

 I offer the Yin-Ergize™ Online Corrective Ex Mobility Yoga Program. The AumaKhua-Ki (R) Practitioner Jump Start Program,  Brain-Based Prime Mind Meditation, Advanced Tapping Training courses.  In addition, The SoulFueled Business Academy supports mind-body based businesses, transformational practitioners, professionals and entrepreneurs in building a thriving world-class practice or educational platform focused in the fields of Health, Fitness, Wellness, Transformation, MindBody, Yoga, Meditation, and Lifestyle. 

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