Hi, I’m Tamara.

I’ve spent my entire career teaching, leading, and helping people accelerate healing, improve their quality of life and find find “the” path for a more fulfilling life/career. Complete inward and outward alignment has become a serious theme in my practice whether I’m helping someone recover from serious injury and pain, live life fully expressed, or helping them create a life that honors their highest ambitions. My approach is soulful, scientific, spiritual and SoulFueled. The fusion of my gifts and the modailities or approach that I lead with in sessions are cutting edge, designed to honor the clients processes and priorities, as well as, feeding congruence to who they are at the level of pshyce and soul yet congruent with how they want to live. Any of the Bodymind, Bodywork, BodyTalk, Soul Realignment or Coaching sessions I share; respect where you are in this moment, integrates your unique make up, situation, needs, potential and gift expression  — and it’s my mission to help working women avoid the deep levels of burnout, soul sucking and health crisises that are rampent in our professional circles. Through neuroscience, holistic technologies, and intuitive explorations I help womenrecover from burnout, navigative life clearly, and restore their health:

  • Through neuroscience and spiritual realignment programming that teaches you the constructs to empower you to understand how to operate from the higher mind and manifest your gifts and best outcomes aligned with who you are at the level of the soul.
  • Through BodyTalk and Signature SoulFueled Body Programs touted as the most effective, corrective and soulfully restorative in my area- hands down.

My body-mind programs infuse advanced levels of Physiological, Neurological, Muscular, Myofascial, Vibrational, Chinese, Energy Psychology & Energy Medicine balancing and aligning teachniques.

I work with women to heal the shadow side of ambition and drive everyday. I help heal the body and erase the patterns that feed pain and dampen vitality and performance. Every program helps you to  align all levels of the subconscious, conscious, and super conscious mind, so that, you can harness the miraculous healing potential of your own body, address the emotions and negative patterns that interrupt health -wholeness, and help  you stop wasting your life, energy, time, and money – overworked, overwhelmed, and burned out.

You know how frustrating and even disappointing it is when you spend months trying to improve and restore yourself only to get underwhelming results?

If you’ve read this far, I think by now, you certainly can relate to this.

The truth is…I know most of what you are investing your time, money, and energy into may have you feeling deep down like all your doing is putting out fires – and that’s just not effective: chronic pain, sufferring burnout and symptoms from stress might be driving you to spend tons of money on supplements, visits to mulitple healthcare providers, coaches and have you pursuing a variey of self-care – this common piece meal approach is like having a second job. It’s time consuming, costly and usely devilers minimal results or  just doesn’t work.

I know this because,  I’ve been in the industry for over 3 decades and have seen thousands of people waste thousands of dollars spinning their wheels only to still be suffering, stressed out, sick. tired, never truly getting to the root of their issues. I’ve been there done that too. I’ve tried to completely heal from injury and burnout piecing togehter the standard and popular holistic protocols everyone else was using and guess what it didn’t work for me either.

I have innovated my approach to wellness, coaching and how I help others accelerate healing, create changes and get result FAST! It was a GAME CHANGER for me and for all my clients.



“I can say nothing but great things  about Tamara’s SoulFueled Programs and coaching tools. I have undergone so many amazing transformations and very quickly. Tamara’s sessions leave me feeling calm, and at peace, allowing me to finally delve deep and clear the negative self-talk that sabotages my success and happiness.

Working privately with Tamara, continually amazes me! I always learn something new about myself. Things that might have otherwise stayed hidden which has been the key piece in overcoming my weight issues.

Through her hands on healing sessions, support and coaching, I have lost over 60 lbs, completely turned my life around, left the office job I hated, moved to Florida and started doing the work I LOVE again. I will continue to use her teachings and refer her work, to grow, and to help others as I have been helped myself.”

Jojo DonavanIndependent Image Stylist


A friend of mine recommended the SoulFueled Woman Life Purpose, Soul Realignment program paired with BodyTalk to me. I was fascinated if this could help me overcome my platuea. So, I decided to go for it!
I am more than glad I invested in the one month Life Purpose – Soul Realignment coaching program because, I can honestly say, “I have NEVER felt more alive. ” There is a feeling of power I have within I didn’t even know I had.
I am so excited that I finally have a success formula -specific to me. This program has powerful manifesting constructs and soul realignment. It was the specific information I needed to transition in my career, connect my passions with a powerful message and approach to grow my own business, and light my inner fire. The program has completely inspired me to pursue speaking to empower young women and to go ahead and write a book like I’ve been dreaming about.
I already see a shift in my professional and personal life. Even my friends have said, “Dang Hillary you’re on fire -what did you do!!!”
Success is here to stay! I am so excited for what’s to come. I have a plan and I am ready and I have the perfectly holistic coach to help me keep me aligned, clear, and on target.
Hillary Bartolone
Holistic Beauty Stylist & Licensed Massage Therapist


“Tamara, I want to thank you for the SoulFueled MindBody awesome sessions!

Great program!

You have really incredible intuitive skills and the mind/body stuff you drew out each week -seriously, You so masterfully dialed into what is necessary on a somatic and spirit level to get real about what I needed to heal, move forward in life and business.

The BodyTalk, clearing and activation assignments are so insightful. I finally feel deep shifts and finally see healing taking place. The self-care you gave me along with my custom tapping assignments, were so spot on!!!

Seriously, I will share this with all the women I teach. Tamara is the go-to for the pro’s. This is an exceptional program. Your mastery set’s you apart! Especially for women who want to transform, need a master level of clearing, alignment, a big dose of ‘getting real’ and “getting results” in any area of life! Love that I’m always  learning and growing with you. ✌???Big Hug!”

Kim BrandtOwner of A Healing Place Training. Certified Yoga Therapist.


“I highly recommend Tamara Gold’s SoulFueled CEO Coaching. She is so well worth her consultation fees. Tamara shares years of widsom, great intuitive insights and effective strategies on managing stress and overwhelm while building a brand, signature projects, social media, webinar coaching, advertising, promotions to help your purposed driven practice grow and so much more.

I was so stressed out from all my projects. I booked just one of her SoulFueled BodyTalk-Re-Alignment session’s, After my session, I finished my book and I was buzzing for days. She has helped me package a one year program, rekindled my hope of succeeding and finally getting my life’s work out there in a big way.

She is helping to turn my business around BIG TIME!”

Ojela Frank

Author, Founder of AUMAKHUA-KI® International

AFTER SOULFUELD WOMAN COACHING, SOULFUELD BODY, GRADUATE OF SOULFUELD ACADEMY & A COURAGE COLLECTIVE MASTERMIND MEMBER Tamara!! The amount of ahas that I’ve had this week is -more than I’ve had my entire life!!

I can feel things shifting and changing. Thank you so much for your knowledge and wisdom!! Im so pumped!!  I overcame the fear of how other people would respond to what I know i’m being called to do. Getting over that fear was so freeing. And i’m excited to learn and grow to see where this goes.

The shifts happening in my energy levels, focus, direction of my personal life and practice from your BodyTalk , Re-Alignment and personal coaching are huge! Everything IS falling into place.

Your SoulFueled Woman Life Purpose/Manifesting Mastery Coaching filled the gap of how I  set goals, wanting to make an impact and deciding what skills to focus on, I was never able to put together a plan that actaully worked.

Everything you offer – Coaching, BodyTalk, Aumakhua-Ki(R) has helped me take back my life.

I was truly on the hamster wheel, energy and motivation just dwindled. I’m back in the drivers seat!!!! I can now take on the world! Thanks Tamara!!

Sarah French-Kruse

Certified Holistic  Practitioner, Health Coach in Training

Personally, most of my clients resolve the root of chronic pain, symptoms of burnout, and overwhelm in 1-4 sessions. Either moving from a 10 on the pain scale to 0 or from 10 on the stress threshold to between  0-2….100% of my clients experience deep levels of healing and transformation on every level of mind,body and soul!

Clients with symptoms of chronic headaches and migraines – 100% symptom free in less than 3 sessions!

Clients focused on hormone-metabolic repair and fat loss average 17 lbs. and 23+ inches lost from one month of following a regular BodyTalk,Lypossage,Adv. Food Healing Program and appropriate exercise plan with as high as, 72 lbs of weight loss over a 4 month period.

Clients who struggle with extreme stress levels and fatigue – immediately report a sense of feeling energized, lightness, improved sleep patterns, sustained energy levels  and over all drastic improvement in their sense of wellbeing.

Client who have suffered severe injury and at least 3 years+ chronic pain symptom’s report being pain free in 3 sessions. All clients report an average of 96%+ improvement in pain relief in just one session and most continue through my custom 1-3 month treatment series.

Clients stressed and challenged with infertility achieve pregnancy in less than 1 year.

Clients struggling to find their purpose or suffering from career burnout learn the precise constructs to activate intrinstic motivation and highest gift expression.

This isn’t magic, it’s really quite simple, through my passion for accelerating human potential, natural healing and personal gifts, as well as, my 30 YEARS of study, practice, research, intuitive and skill refinement I’ve created a completely comprehensive level of programming to deliver these results consistently.

I’m offering a FREE 20 minute consultation to assess your situation and see if this approach is a great fit for you.

If you’re thinking you’ve already tried everything or heard all there is to know about self-healing, healing burnout, overwhelm, stress management, pain relief… that’s what I used to think too when I was working through my own personal healing crisis years ago.

I was wrong.

Here’s what is different, you don’t need MORE modalities and therapies, you actually need the RIGHT integrative compilation of therapies to address, in order, the priorities necessary to accelerate your healing potential. Using highly refined and structured constructs, I offer a truly whole approach, that addresses the emotional-physiological imbalances driving stress, dis-ease, miscommunication on every level of the mind, body, spirit, brain and body’s – chemistry, physiology, and psychology.

If you’re fed up trying to heal fully or struggle to get traction in your life or health; It’s time to find out precisely what you MUST clear, release and balance to accelerate your own healing, performance, and purpose.

Most importantly, learn how you can finally clear the things holding you back from a great quality of life.


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