Lifestyle – Transformation Programs

Listed below are the current live programs/courses available by month. Every lifestyle course I offer is focused on helping you to achieve better states of control and power over your health – naturally. Each course provides you training to develop an inner technology to create rapid healing and to develop a deeper connection on all levels of mind, body and spirit.


*AumaKhua-Ki (R) Energy Balancing & Meditation Training offers up to 21 CEU’s and live Tapping courses offers up to 6 CEU’s with 2 Professional Ethics credits for health care professionals, massage therapists, yoga instructors, and fitness professionals.*Soulfueled Academy students/grads, teachers and military have special rates on masterclasses/webinars.

JULY – Personal Development Programs



FINALLY RECEIVE THE INSIGHT YOU NEED TO CREATE THE LIFE YOU CRAVE. The Foundational Manifesting Mastery Program is an 1:1 program where the Psyche meets the Soul. I  delivers a customized reading and coaching experience to help you completely understand the metrics, constructs, thinking patterns and expressions that bring absolute power and alignment to your thoughts, actions, and outcomes.  Truly step into your fullest gift expression, understand how/what is holding you back in any area of life and finally understand how to implement and take action to achieve the experiences, relationships and goals you ACTUALLY want in life.  Each program comes with a highly actionable step-by-step framework and audio overview of your manifesting blueprint and realignment reading as well as a live coaching session.

(Save $166.5 on any tier of the Manifesting Mastery Programs until July 28th, 2017 – Midnight.) 


Time is running out and there are only 11 Blueprint Reading Spots Left for July.


Use Coupon Code: BlueprintSummerbash30

AUGUST – Brain Based Stress Management & Lifestyle Programs

Tapping Webinar Series Training #1



Aug. 6th 5-8pm

This online training webinar is dedicated to helping you gain effective neuroscience brain based stress management fused with adv. tapping techniques to improve the quality of your life.,


(Tapping -scientifically proven to be the most “effective in the moment” stress management tool. )
I will teach you a cutting edge brain tips, stress relief tapping sequence to activate higher thinking, optimism and powerful emotional release tips to help you effectively cope with stress and fear.


Holistic Healing Programs

AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy Balancing Training

Approved for CEU’s

Our Fall class schedule is set for Sept. 22-24th, 2017! Our waitlist is open and our Early Bird Enrollment Savings is LIVE for just 30 days!!!

Stay tuned for some fun Facebook Live Streams, Energy Explorations and more  as we ramp up for the fall season!

Be sure to reach out if you have any questions!

We have a little video snipet on the page for you while we get our info video completed for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

SEPTEMBER – Women’s Mastermind

Click The Photo To Learn More. Courage Collective Women’s Mastermind Is Unlike Any Other Mastermind You Will Ever Experience. Courage Collective, is a SoulFul – Global Women’s Mastermind and Will Help You Align To Your Highest Calling and Purpose. Teach You To Share Your Gifts and Message with Impact.


Tamara Gold is the Courage Collective Chicago Area Leader. Our Live & Online Circles Are Enrolling Now


Yoga-Neuroscience-Health Coaching Program

Online BETA Launch


My new, REVolutionary – Innovative MindBody Based Life Alignment, Stress Management and Holistic Health Coaching Program.

YIN-ERGIZE Will Redefine How Your Body Performs and Heals. Awaken Your Body’s Intelligence, Detox Your Brain & Body From Stress on a Soul Level,  and Accelerate Your Self-Healing Potential . This Program Fuses The Wisdom of Neuroscience, Advanced Food-Plant Based Healing, Chinese Medicine-Meridians, Energy Psychology, Kinesiology & Emotional Physiology Ingrated With The Holistic Healing Power of Yin- Yoga, Adv. Breath, Tapping & Food Healing Programming for Complete Energy Restoration. This program will be offered at a 50%+ savings  for the 1st online round only, will require participant to complete the program full and provide feedback of the program. This rate will never be available again. Limited spots only.

 DECEMBER – Brand & Business Impact Academy For Holistic & Transformational Entrepreneurs



Waitlisters will receive a special bonus offer when pre-sale starts.

For 30 years, I’ve trained service, lifestyle, health, wellness, sales professionals and business owners to maximize their strengths and skills, build signature programs, to Teach, Speak, Serve, and Sell transformational products and programs more effectively, so that, they can make a difference and a living, stand out in their niche’, and develop multiple streams of income in a way that reduces burn-out, overwhelm, and supports their ideal lifestyle. Often  service, lifestyle, health and wellness professionals -multi-passionate  entrepreneurs have incredibly creative ideas, offer powerful transformational products, healing programs and services and yet they personally struggle with:


  • Fusing their multiple passions into a cohesive message umbrella and platform
  • Really dialing into to their purpose, zone of genius and understanding on a soul level how and what they are gifted to teach, serve, and teach about.
  • Moving beyond a 1 to 1 model of working and creating a sustainable approach to growing a lifestyle or transformational business.
  • Struggle to share their message in a way that is aligned to their natural communication – gift expression, feels authentic, and effectively develops true fans.
  • Building a conscious platform and a smart, strategic, sustainable work flow and content creation to balance live and online streams of income.
  • To move through their fears of video – live streaming to build an educational platform that creates impact
  • Creating media/content/collaborations that creates consistant income.


My goal is to help you create absolutely alchemy with your message and social media efforts in a way that attracts your truest most loyal fan and creates positive-purposeful social impact that is truly SoulFueling to you. To help you start experiencing more miracles, power, and purpose in your life, your business, and your relationships through a brand and business you absolutely love NOW and for years to come.



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