These Programs Help You To Completely Transform On Every Level of Mind-Body-Spirit

Transform Your Stress and Heal Your Pain once and for ALL.

Comprehensive bodywork means that I take into consideration all injuries, emotions factors, trauma, nutrition, lifestyle, stress levels etc over the course of your life and work in a way that honors and then completely addresses each issue. I work in a priority based fashion. Meaning, that we establish through kinesiology, assessment, and bio-feedback the order in which your body needs to heal. Years of physical demands, high stress levels, my very own healing crisis, double spinal injury, and severe bout with burnout paired with my 3 decaded of experience working in Health, Fitness, Corrective-Orthopedic Body work and inspired my unique style of spiritual, bio-energetic,and corrective work to this day.

In all of my corrective body sessions we address all levels of the connective tissue and structures combined with additional modalities to address lymph congestion, brain and nervous system imbalance, negative emotional patterns, as well as, the energetic imbalance in the joints and meridians.

Working with me requires an investment in YOURSELF.  You must approach the body from a whole and complete mind,body, spirit perspective to fully release old patterns of mental, emotional, structural, or energetic trauma to fully heal, release pain, recharge your emotional batteries, shift your heart’s rhythms, increases resiliency, reset the nervous system and increase brain coherence.

The SoulFueled Body Programs are a fusion of cutting edge science, neuroscience, energy medicine, and high performance techniques scientifically proven to alter the body’s physical response to stress, pain and to accelerate healing. This program has been formulated from hundreds of client sessions and proven to absolutely help people of all ages with various acute – chronic symptoms to take back their health, vitality, and strengthen their resiliency – Naturally.

According to the World Health Organization, over 87% of women report that they struggle with symptoms of chronic pain, back pain, fatigue, low energy levels, and burnout everyday. We have holistic wisdom, cutting edge neuroscience, technology and tools to help you accelerate your own healing.

SoulFueled Body Programs help you to re-calibrate on every level of the mind, body, and spirit. My work helps clients to develop the awareness and inner technology to heal rapidly while equipping you with strong emotional, mental, physical self-management intuition and energetic communication tools.  Select your solution below. 

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