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What is Meridian Tapping?

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as meridian tapping, is a groundbreaking method to reduce stress in your life – instantly. Learn more about the science behind tapping and then follow.

Lasting relief from chronic pain and stress are just at your fingertips. If you feel victim to your circumstances, a lack of control over your health, mind or body and don’t know how to create a shift for yourself, this workshop is for you. 

51 Research studies, 24 random controlled trials (the gold standard of research) on EFT have proven that Meridian Tapping is the safest, most effective and the most advanced form of Energy Psychology to produce rapid relief to people all around the world. Developed by Gary Craig, a Stanford engineer, EFT is based on the premise that all negative emotions stem from a disrupted energy system, which in turn leads to discomfort, illness, pain, etc. Numerous studies have shown that cravings, addictions and physical ailments are emotionally based and disappear when the emotional/energetic disruption is addressed.

In simplest terms, EFT uses seven acupuncture points, tapped in a specific sequence, while you recall a negative experience. For instance, you remember something that’s bothered you: a car crash, dog bite, terrible experience in school, being punished by a parent or by a bully. It can be any moment that still bothers you. As you think about that event, you start to get uncomfortable. While you may experience this as a distressing emotion, there is a biological link. What’s happening is that your serotonin and dopamine levels are dysregulating in your brain; and your stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, are rising. While it doesn’t feel good to think about the particular event, the tapping technique frames the experience in the context of self-acceptance. The goal is to allow you to inhabit the space of all the grief and loss you’ve never processed emotionally in your life so that you can let it go for good.


How does Meridian Tapping work?

Negative events, emotions and traumatic experiences trigger your brain’s limbic system. When you deactivate a traumatic neuro-loop with tapping, this tells your limbic system that the memory is not a threat any longer. Once you break the pattern between the memory and a fight-or-flight response, even just once, that association remains broken. In other words, the traumatic event will no longer trigger a stress reaction.

Tapping produces piezoelectricity in the body that functions much like a gas grill. When you turn on the grill, it clicks and clicks until it ignites. The electrical pressure produces a charge and is what eventually produces a spark. When you tap on specific meridian points, in specific sequences, you have the power to interrupt the negative feedback loop within your limbic system. The energetic wave helps breaks up the congested energy and allows your amygdala to neutralize the stress response instantly.


In this one day workshop, you will learn and utilize meridian tapping to uncover and release the patterns feeding your pain and stress. Fun, easy and literally healing power at your fingertips, meridian tapping is a self-empowering tool to put you back in charge of your health. Learn the functional technique along with 3 powerful tapping recipes to create rapid stress relief in seconds. In this workshop you will be supported with a handout, tapping scripts, live demo sessions and plenty of practice sessions. If you are truly ready to take charge of your health and wellness in a profound way then this workshop is for you. 

Topics Include: 
  • Dissolving the negative energy stored in your body around the limiting beliefs, experiences and people in your life
  • Busting through subconscious blocks to success
  • Identifying and eliminating stress, anxiety and fear triggers in seconds
  • Implanting new empowering beliefs and perceptions into your subconscious mind
  • The overlooked concept in law of attraction and energy work for reframing perceptions and creating instant transformation
  • Specific tapping instructions and tap along sequences for stress, negative pain patterns, limiting beliefs, self love, body image, stress cravings, fear and scarcity.

Meridian tapping rebalances the energetic disruption between your limbic brain and body in just minutes, virtually rewiring the body and restoring balance. When your body’s energy system is out of harmony, hormones like cortisol can trigger low-grade inflammation and prime our genes for negative expression.  This workshop will help you to gain more control over the physical and emotional patterns that feed pain and dis-ease. 


Anyone who is curious, teachable, ready to play and ready to give your health and wellness 100% of your effort.

I’ve shared this with:

  • Veterans Groups suffering from PTSD
  • Students of all ages
  • Parents
  • Clients, Students, Professionals and Executives suffering from years of chronic pain and burnout
  • Health & Wellness Professionals
  • Healthcare Professional
  • Teachers and more…
About Your Instructor – Tamara Gold  


Tamara Gold is an experienced and Certified Tapping Practitioner, BodyTalker, Master Life-Health & Neuro Coach specialized in 6 disciplines, Bodyworker specialized in Neuromuscular, Neuro-Kinetic, Human Movement Therapy and an AumaKhua-KI (R) Master Instructor working towards Grand Master, who actively practices, teaches and studies the most advanced techniques in Integrative Therapy, MindBody & Energy Healing, resulting in complete empowerment and transformation of individuals and organizations she works with. Her 33 years of training experience combined with her highly developed intuition, passion for teaching, and unique ability to assess patterns of dysfunction, make her a leader in her field. Tamara has earned her degree in Holistic Nutrition and holds the multiple advanced certifications in her profession.  Tamara is an award-winning instructor, previous international podcaster, wellness executive and acted as a national curriculum advisor – instructor -continuing education provider for 2 massage schools and a national fitness franchise with over 24 locations. Tamara runs a successful practice in Huntley, teaches yoga and conducts local wellness events, training, and speaking engagements locally. Tamara’s mission is to empower individuals and organizations to take absolute charge of their human potential by equipping people with the necessary knowledge and tools to drive their own transformation and success.

Training Details  

Click the link to register for this workshop. Space is limited to 25 students and our 1 Day workshop offers 6 NCB Approved CEU’s for Licensed Massage Therapists. 
Nurture Yoga & Massage
10327 Main St., 2nd Floor 
Richmond, IL 60071‎
TIME: 11:30 am- 5:30pm
Street Parking Available
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