In This Training I Share With You My Unique Recipe Created From Thousands Of Client Sessions On How To Fuse The Power of Neuroscience, Emotional Physiology, Energy Psychology & Advanced Meridian Tapping To Create Radical Shifts That Stops Chronic Stress In It’s Tracks and Helps You Feel Calm, In Control &  10 Pounds Lighter. (at least emotionally 🙂

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 This online training webinar is dedicated to helping you achieve improve how you manage chronic stress and improve your overall brain health and thinking power.

Presented by: Tamara Gold, B.S. Mindbody Master Teacher,Master Life – Holistic Health & Neuroscience Based Success Coach, Master Practitioner.


Throughout my 30 year career as a parent, partner, executive, entrepreneur, leader, practitioner and professor  I’ve trained thousands of clients, top performing holistic – health care professionals how to accelerate healing, achieve peak states of performance and combat stress naturally.  I was witness to many aspects and sides of injury and healing crisises. A priority based, multi-system stress management approach IS the only way to irradicate the root of your chronic stress symptoms effectively. Years ago, after a car accident that created a double spinal injury (activated all my old injury patterns) and a high velocity-uber stressful career; I suffered extreme burn out, unrelenting muscle spasms, non-stop chronic pain and symptoms that were completely resistant to any kind of treatment or holistic approach.

My own healing crisis presented a serious challenge that made me dive even deeper into brain science, pain relief, and the power of energy balancing, energy physiology, emotional psychology, breath work, and advanced forms of meridian balancing & kinesiologically assessed – emotional release techniques. When I started down this leg of my biohacking path to solve this chronic condition resistant to multiple treatment approaches;  I was completely blown away by how many parents, professionals, top athletes, executives, and students shared similar stories of suffering. Chronic stress and multiple cycles of burnout are an pandemic in our society.

Through my personal practice and educational explorations,  not only was I was able to naturally (without medication) release the grip of chronic pain feeding and fueling the extreme muscle tension and spasm; I finally irradicated the emotional roots stressing the brain -nervous system and fueling burn out.  This advanced tapping fusion is the approach I want to share with you in this powerful 3 hour online training seminar. It is the core components I teach in my formal continuing education classes and workshops. I have used in thousands of client sessions for chronic pain, stress, emtional release, life enrichment, wellness, test anxiety, stress management and taught to local veterans PTSD support group.

I invite you to spend a few hours with me in the Masterclass and learn to unlock the healing potential of your own Mind & Body. 


What Will I Learn In The FREE YOUR MIND Masterclass:


Cutting edge brain tips, stress relief tapping sequence to turn of an over active amygdala, activate higher thinking and how to enhance optimism.


Simple assessments to identify fear and anger in the body-mind and physiological imbalances/symptoms are connected.


Simple intro to the emotional brain and how to reset your stress threshold effectively.


Neuroscience Secrets to Tap Into Deeper and Higher Levels of the Mind & Brain- effortlessly for better thinking and decision making.


Powerful & Effective Brain Priming Meditation & Tapping Sequence To Start Your Day


 Brain Tip and Tapping Sequence To Overcome Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Stress To Support Self-Healing, Steady Energy Levels and a State of Balanced Emotions.


Top 10 Brain Foods For A Healthy – Happy-Optimized Mind.

Detox The Stress Plaquing Your Brain & Body. 

Learn How To Accelerate Your Self-Healing Potential .

This Program Fuses The Wisdom of Neuroscience, Chinese Medicine-Meridians, Energy Psychology, Kinesiology & Emotional Physiology With The Adv. Breath, Brain Priming and Tapping Training for Complete Self Directed Energy Restoration and Balance On All Levels of the Mind. 


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