Does this sound like you?
  • Do you suffer from burnout, overwhelm or resistance to healing?
  • Have stress, tension and anxiety gripped your life?

  • Struggle with chronic stress, pain, emotional turmoil, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, PTSD or depression and nothing seems to help?
and you are ready to…
  • unlock the hidden factors sabotaging your healing
  • heal and release hidden factors undermining your recovery
Then the SoulFueled Body Programs or the AumaKhua-Ki© Energy Balancing or Tapping Workshops are the perfect places to start.

  • Do you feel burned out, overwhelmed, losing your drive, sense of creativity or flow and often feel frustrated or unfulfilled? 
  • Have you’ve reached a point in your life where things HAVE TO change?
are you ready to…
  • feed your inner fire and experience a truly holistic level of transformation…
  • become the best version of yourself and let go of your limiting beliefs…
  • figure out how to make things feel more aligned and fulfilling
Then my SoulFueled Woman Soul Realignment Programs or the AumaKhua-Ki© Energy Balancing or Tapping Workshops are a great place to start. 

Hello, I’m Tamara

I’ve spent 33 years in the Health, Fitness & Wellness Professions. I’ve designed national – professional training and continuing education programming, trained and mentored over 25k professionals in these same industries.  

My passion is to help women overcome the limiting factors that deplete their energy, happiness, ability to fully heal and live fully expressed.

Utilizing my unique programs, I’ve helped thousands of women just like you achieve deep healing in just a few sessions.

What I’m known for my unique ability to asses the patterns sabotaging your healing, the ability to create change when all other programs, practitioners or processes have failed and to acutally get results quickly. My SoulFueld Programs and intuitive gifts help you to create deep lasting transformation within 4-12 weeks depending on your unique set of circumstances and pace you want to work at. 

I specialize in helping women achieve a completely holistic and optimal level of wellness, success and transformation.
The SoulFueled Programs are a truly customized experience driven by your unique needs.
Tamara Gold – BS, LMT, CES, CBP, RYT 
Transformation & Neuro-Coach
Master Instructor – Master Practitioner

My professional credentials include B.S. Holistic Nutrition, Certified NeuroSuccess Coach with 6 specializations in Health, Spirituality, Relationships, Entrepreneurship, Education, Leadership, Certified Life & Small Business Coach.

Licensure in Massage Therapy (IL) since, “89, ISBE Approved Educator, NCBTMB Approved Provider.

The amalgamation of training & certifications over the past 33 years include the highest levels of Advanced Certification and Course Mastery. Adv. Myo-Skeletal, Myofascial, Structural Integration, Orthopedic-Medical-Sports Massage, Mercier Pelvic Therapy,   Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Applied Movement Neurology, Fascial Stretching, Cupping, IASTM, Functional & Human Movement Therapy, Corrective Exercise, NeuroKinetic Based Therapies as well as Adv. Breath Meditation, QiGong, BodyTalk, AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Balancing & Meditation and EFT.

My professional career spans over three decades and includes clinical, management, consulting, academic, national curriculum development for national fitness – massage franchises, professional development training, performance and conditioning, as well as ownership roles.

I have a deep passion for learning and my professional interests lie in continued exploration of neuro-based holistic medicine, combing ancient healing with modern technology, pain science and neuroscience to be able to provide a unqiue level  of integrative innovative therapy, health and wellness personal & professional development that facilitate the growth for my clients and colleagues. I  regularly train, speak and present to health-wellness professionals nationally.

Contact Me With Questions or To Schedule A Complimentary 20 minute Clarity Call:


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CreateTamara Gold at:

 SoulFueled MindBody Studio

SoulFueled Body, Yoga Therapy,

SoulFueled Woman – Soul Realignment & FLOW Coaching

In Person & Online 

By Appointment Only

Huntley, Il


Tamara Gold at:

Nurture Yoga & Massage

Yoga Therapy

Monday’s 9:30 am

Private Yoga Therapy Available By Appt.

Richmond, Il.


Tamara Gold at:

LoveLight Healing Center

SoulFueled Body, SoulFueled Woman Programs available Jan. 2019.

AumaKhua-Ki® Hands-on Workshops


Practitioner Training Programs

Grayslake, Il.


The SoulFueled MindBody Academy

All of the SoulFueled lifestyle programs and course offerings empower our students to forge a strong well-rounded brain-body based approach to health and wellness, to learn to assess the root cause of pain symptoms on many levels of the mind-body, to create individualized treatment planning to create powerful transformation and optimize healing. The SoulFueled MindBody Academy programs are available in mulitple live interactive formats: online and hands-on. Tamara offers up to 35 NCBTMB approved CE’s for LMT’s with AumaKhua-Ki® Workshops or AKEB Practitioner Immersion Programs and Advanced Tapping Training courses. In addition, The SoulFueled Business Academy program further supports our transformational practitioners, professionals and entrepreneurs in building a thriving world-class practice or educational platform focused in the fields of Health, Fitness, Wellness, Transformation, MindBody, Yoga, Meditation, and Lifestyle. 

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