Tamara Gold’s NeuroCoach


Accelerate Healing.

Optimize Productivity

Enhance Performance.

Increase Vitality.

Relieve Stress.

A mind-body centered community where I share cutting-edge monthly group sessions & expert interviews, mind-body training that tap into the power of body-mind wisdom, neuroscience, integrative, medical intuitive and somatic healing to address stress, eliminate pain, overcome healing blocks, optimize vitality and performance.


Hello I’m Tamara Gold

   Mind-Body Expert, NMT, Neuro-Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Speaker

Your personal neuro coach and healing guide, here to help you relieve, renew, heal & optimize your brain-body connection & flow.

I’m committed to taking you past the treatment table, beyond the treatment room or studio to teach you how to get in sync with your brain and body’s unique power to heal and tap into your highest states of performance, human potential, and flow. 

Applied Movement Neurology.

Bodyweight Fit & Flow Programs.

Breath, Energy, and Neuro-Meditations

Rewire The Mind Brain Bootcamp.

Yoga Therapy.

These neuro-programs are available right at your fingertips via my pthub.app and provides you with all the tools you will need to recalibrate the brain-body connection, to regain freedom in your body, relieve pain and tension, prevent injury, optimize movement and flow, lift heavier, squat lower, move smoother, feel younger and so much more. 

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