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Feeling stuck? Need something more than just mindfulness, trendy manifesting affirmations or meditations?

Join the challenge NOW and receive access to 4 bonus brain balancing audios for pain, concentration, sleep, balance & calm, the exclusive SoulFueled Challenge Community, livestreams with guided neuro-techniques to unlock your mind and heal your life,  

In this 7-Day Unlock Your Mind Challenge, Follow The Step-By-Step Process To Unlock emotions that keep you stuck, under-performing, deplete your energy and happiness.

You’ll Discover…
> A Proven road map for unlocking the healing potential of your mind.
> Exactly how to put your body in a state of readiness for healing, learning, connecting and manifesting.
> A simple variety of strategies to tackle stress, deal with pain, inner resistance, to help keep your mind sharp and your body energized.
>How to improve your sleep, concentration and motivation.

*Bonus – Participate in all 7-Days of the challenge and receive a FREE neuro-based training each month from the “SoulFueled Woman MindBody Library” filled with (over $1997 worth of) mindset, tapping, meditation and manifestation resources to create a strong foundation to help you change, heal, and  thrive!

APRIL 15th -23rd, 2019
Hello, I’m Tamara

I’ve spent 33 years in the Health, Fitness & Wellness Professions with two decades of experience designing and teaching national – professional training and continuing education programming. I have personally trained and mentored over 25 k professionals in these same industries.

My passion is to help people overcome the limiting factors that deplete their energy, happiness, performance, ability to fully heal and live fully expressed. I do specializein, not exclusive, helping women unlock their potential through body-mind consciousness based programs and coaching.

Utilizing my  signature programs, I’ve helped thousands of men and women just like you achieve deep healing in just a few sessions.

What I’m known for is my unique ability to asses the patterns sabotaging your healing, the ability to create change when all other programs, practitioners or processes have failed and to acutally get results. My SoulFueld Programs and intuitive gifts help you to create deep lasting transformation within 2-12 weeks depending on your unique set of circumstances and pace you want to work at.

Not sure where to start? Book a clarity, connection and exploration call with me. We will customize a program that’s right for your priorities.



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