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Hi, I’m Tamara. I teach women how to

self-heal & discover their untapped potential 

using neuroscience, intuition, mindfulness, meditation, 

a personalized movement or yoga practice,

and the energy explorations within the chakra system.

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Receive access to cutting-edge

neuroscience / mindfulness-based training,

and free mind-body explorations 

to help you overcome chronic burnout, stress, and pain.

It’s my calling to guide women to create lasting transformation,

and discover their own healing journey!

Listen & Learn Simple Mindfulness Strategies To Combat Burnout, Chronic Stress & Pain 
In this challenge, we will prep for full splits (which is always modifiable!) by opening our hearts as well as our hips and hamstrings.⁠
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Tamara is a Chicago area leading voice in wellness, personal growth, conscious leadership, spiritual empowerment work, and holistic entrepreneurship for women with three decades of fitness, massage, and mind-body training expertise.

A previous orthopedic-sports massage therapist, GM, regional fitness & training director, lead instructor, curriculum and continuing education advisor, Tamara left corporate fitness and education in 2013, burned out by toxic corporate cultures, buy-outs, and amoral leadership. Witness to the biggest modern-day plague affecting corporate leaders, more specifically professionally – ambitious women is burnout, living and working in a constant and completely unnatural adrenal-driven way of life.

Tamara’s mind-body centered Bliss Body Podcast, Bliss Body Online Studio, training, retreats, and NeuroCoaching programs help women who suffer from burnout, chronic stress and adrenal-driven living to learn mindful, scientific, intuitive, and soulful ways shift all of that on every layer of the mind, body and soul.

As a corporate wellness and education pro who turned travel and adventure seeker, medical intuitive, BodyTalker, applied movement neurology / yoga therapist, and mindfulness-based NeuroCoach, Tamara’s goal is to help women discover their untapped potential of their mind and body by fusing the worlds of travel-adventure, mind-body medicine, meditation, yoga, spirituality, and neuroscience together to provide powerful life-changing educational, therapeutic, soulful mind-body centered content, events, deep healing immersions and experiences online and in nurturing places all around the world. 


“Tamara helped me lose 60lbs and realize my dream of quitting my job and moving to Florida to live close to my sister.”                               – Jolanda Donovan

“Tamara Gold works magic! She is helping me to develop and transform my business dreams and aspirations into absolute reality and much more.”              – Kim Kizzier

“Tamara, your BodyTalk, NeuroCoaching, and AK Training’s helped me so much with my anxiety, and in such a short time. Your programs deliver amazing results. Your programs are the most life-changing energetic coaching programs I’ve ever experienced. ”     – Paige Lipsey

“UNBELIEVABLE, this is huge, I cannot believe I could be so burned out, at such a young age, from constantly chasing other people’s ideas of success. Tamara nailed the root of my stress, anxiety and burnout in the first 10 minutes of our session together. Her programs brought me back from burnout                                   – Sarah French Kruse

“In under 30 days, since the start of our coaching journey together, I have created the BEST MONTH in my business, EVER. I have better boundaries on my time, energy, and attention. Tamara has helped me tremendously.”                              – Helen Doulos

“I was so stressed about my next career move, figuring out my goals, life purpose and a few relationships. Since working with Tamara, I’m clear, focused and on fire! Everyone is coming up to me and asking what I am doing.”

– Kristine Hill


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