We had so much fun with our second live body talk feed. I shared a lot of training and valuable – natural healing tips in this Body Talk chat on facebook. If you are frustrated with chronic pain and you would love some simple and inexpensive tips to shut down inflammation – naturally watch our weekly body talks and follow us on Facebook!

Here is the full length Body Talk on simple tips to reverse pain and inflammation:



Product links and recommendations from this Body Talk:

  1. Essentia Alkalizing Water 9.5 ph

2.  Wellblue Alkalizing Pitcher. This was a product shared by one of our students. She has been using this pitcher to alkalize for awhile and reports that she is highly satisfied with the product. Data on product reports that the water reaches pH 8-10.4. I prefer consistency- especially when I have to measure and weigh the  results based on a clients needs. This pitcher would be much more economical than the bottles. http://amzn.to/29uDC01 Definitely, a nice option to explore. Please, be sure to share some feedback if you try any of the recommendations for a full 21-30 day cycle.


Would you like to experience more advanced options to tackle chronic pain. Join us for our online healing meditation every Wed. 7pm CST in July, 2016



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