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Today’s mantras for money consciousness – today my theme is around financials. Get’s me juiced to comb through my money goals.
Remember, entrain yourself to the abundance you wish to attract and experience in life.

I obey my intuitive guidance system
I am open
I am perceptive
I am compassion
I am generous
I am persistence
I am flow
I am embodying life
I am grounded
I am stillness
I am brilliance
I am committed
I am harmony
I am bliss
I am joy
I am a creator
I am perfect design
I am my life purpose
I am aligned
I align with my original agreement now
I remember

I am tuned into my signature affluence frequency
I am connected to my angels, guides, higher self and all aspect that connect to the one true Source.
I am courage
I am bold
I am decisive
I am the light
I am brilliant
I am influential
I am the observer
I am the creator of my own life
I consciously design my own life
I am spiritual
I am breath
I am seeing
I am feeling
I am hearing
I am knowing

I give permission to permanently release any emotional – ancestral imprints / baggage/programs that no longer serve me — NOW.
I have laser focus
I embody my life purpose
I serve freely
I create wealth now
I have the midas touch
I am discerning where I spend my time, resources, energy
I am present
I am intimate with money
I love money and money loves me – it is just energy and the currency of money is just one aspect of abundance showing up in my life
I am abundant
I am generous
I follow my heart always
I listen to my intuition
I am connected to my intuition
I am intuition
I am the observer
I am divine
I am abundance
I am wealth
I am affluence
I am the universe
I am infinity
I am now
I am focused
I am clarity
I am love
I am acceptance
I am universe
I am earth
I am unified
I am integrated
I am whole
I am complete


Because of the scarcity mindset I’ve been seriously seeing these last few weeks I have decided to hold a 5 Day Tapping Challenge called Breakthrough Your Glass Ceiling and Into a Bolder Money Mindset. I will be hosting this inside my private SoulFueled Woman Entrepreneur FB Group.
My goal is to teach women simple strategies that will create powerful shifts in earning potential, clients connections and closing a deal, or the beliefs around asking for more income, higher rates etc. We will also address  family imprints-beliefs around money, value, worth.

I put this challnege together because, poverty consciousness and lack mentality is seriously increasing. People text and call me everyday and are really in fear consciousness around their job, living situations, debt and so forth. Enough, is enough..time to clear the blocks, release the patterns, imprints, and choices keeping you in lack. If you need a sacred space to clear and process some really deep negative abundance patterns this will be truly transformational for you. If there is a strong response then I will absolutely do more.

Join our community here: https://goo.gl/xD3Xhz


Love and Blessings!!
Tamara Gold



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