Having a close relationship with family definitely contributes to an innate sense of security, validation and feeling supported.

I recently read a 35-year study, conducted by Harvard University, that found a profound connection to the quality of our relationship with our parents dictated the quality of our health later in life.

91% of the participants who had a strained relationship with their mother were diagnosed with a significant health issue such as cancer, coronary artery disease, hypertension, etc. Another study conducted by John Hopkins University followed 1,100 male medical students for 50 years and found cancer rates correlated closely with the degree of distance a participant felt toward their parents.

Whether or not you believe in body-mind consciousness…
What I know, from years of practice, is that trauma imprints and effects our chemistry for generations. I see spontaneous and miraculous shifts in women’s health every day when they finally address wounds, negative family karma and specifically parental conflicts.

When we reject our parents, we cannot see the ways in which we are similar. The behaviors become disowned in us and are often projected onto the people around us. The emotions, traits, and behaviors we reject in our parents will likely live on in us. Conversely, we can attract friends, romantic partners or business associates who display the very behaviors we reject. This does allow us a myriad of opportunities to recognize and heal those patterns and forever shift the dynamics.

Because I find this so fascinating and had to do my own healing work around family karma, It lead me to read a lot about epigenetics and ancestor syndrome.

It’s this really powerful force that silently governs our body chemistry. Trauma, can and does pass through familial energy cords.

in an article entitled, “Holocaust Exposure Induced Intergenerational Effects on FKBP5 Methylation,” I read. Dr. Rachel Yehuda, Director of Mount Sinai’s Traumatic Stress Studies division found that trauma can pass through genes. She discovered that there are the exact same genetic change/adaptation and chemical markers from the first generation person who experienced the trauma through to the second generation, which experienced no such trauma.

Epigenetics is fascinating and you might be alarmed at how many people suffer from anxiety, self-sabotage, nervousness or symptoms that have no logical connection or root cause. Could this be the key?

So, I am sharing, for those of you truly interested in creating an extraordinary life through a more conscious way of living. Psychoneuroimmunology and body-mind consciousness are facinating and deeply telling accessment tool when it comes to addressing trauma and healing pain. Here is an audio of an exercise I was taught in neuro-relationship coaching training.

The clearing family karma exercise is geared towards visualising and working with your connection to your mother but, you can substitute any family member, partner etc.

It’s light and simple. It’s eye-opening. It’s powerful, if you allow it to be.

If you listen and reflect, I’d love for you to come back and share your pearls of wisdom and a-ha’s…not a vomiting of life story and drama…just the pearls baby. just the pearls.

Live Soul Fueled,

Tamara Gold

MindBody Expert – Neuro Coach

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