Welcome to the bliss body podcast, I’m your host Tamara Gold, movement specialist, master instructor, and Neuro Coach.


The mission of this podcast is dedicated to teaching ambitious women & high achievers around the world ( suffering from the effects of chronic stress, pain, and burnout ) to discover and implement simple, sound, cutting-edge mindfulness-based stress relief, mind-body movement practices and neuroscience strategies that help you to naturally-

Why should you listen to the bliss body podcast when there are so many choices. Let me share a little bit more about why I can help.

I’ve professionally trained and mentored thousands of health, fitness & wellness professionals in the art and science of mind-body wellness, massage, breathwork, fitness and training optimization, as well as coach thousands of men and women 1:1, ran multi-million dollar fitness/wellness centers and design professional massage & fitness curriculum for three leading Chicago national fitness & massage franchises for the last 33-years and I can teach you the secrets to mindful healing too.

Helping Women Overcome Chronic Stress, Pain & Burnout with a few mindful minutes a day. You are going to learn tools, strategies, and simple practices to:

Reverse the effects of  chronic stress, pain & burnout

Heal faster

Move freer

Sleep better

Solve problems faster

Be more productive

Save you time, energy and money, on health care

Improve the quality of your life, extend your lifespan

Restore your vitality, peace of mind, and put you back in the driver’s seat or your healing, health, and happiness, naturally in just a few minutes a day.


Tamara Gold, BS, CBodyTalk, NMT, AMN, RYT, IAYT, AKMI-4, NeuroCoach

W: TamaraGoldNeuroCoaching.com – Helping Ambitious Women Overcome Chronic Pain, Stress & Burnout with Movement, Mindfulness & Meditation
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The Bliss Body Circle – A mind-body centered free community helping women OVERCOME repetitive burnout, to learn tips/tools/practices to rebuild a resilient mind & energy body.

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