Hello I’m Tamara 

Mind-Body Expert, Neuro-Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker

Over the years, I’ve helped tens of thousands of people realize their passions, wildest dreams, and highest levels of personal – professional performance by implementing my signature SOULFUELED approach which helps others develop a strong awareness of energy management, activation of their higher mind and flow state, deepens their self-awareness, emotional intelligence and  intuitive leadership skills,  as well as, facilitating a deeper mind – body connection which truly gives us a blueprint for accelerating healing, improving performance and achieving new levels of success. 

I’ve devoted 33+ years studying human potential, advanced mindbody concepts, holistic healing, energy, and neuroscience to help accelerate healing and performance. I’ve trained over 25k health, fitness & wellness professionals, have extensive experience creating and teaching professional training programs, leading and training practitioner and sales teams, running and growing multiple 7-8 figure national fitness franchise units, creating and delivering industry-leading continuing educational systems live and online.

I appreciate science, medicine, and psychology and have studied advancing human potential, evidence based bodywork, mind-body and high performance since the age of 18. I was also born with a powerful intuitive gift of knowing and a calling to help others heal and achieve greatness. People lovingly refer to me as the “the body whisperer”, the “practitioners practitioner”, the “teachers teacher”. Even in business, I was labeled the “Golden Girl” for my ability to transform flailing teams, programs and franchise units into thriving  high performers.

While I’ve spent well over 25,000 hours teaching and in practice working one-on-one with high performance, professional and competitive athletes and ambitious people; I do understand that there is a higher power, intelligent source and vital energy that I tap into to guide and infuse into all my work. Often, medical and holistic professionals refer complex cases to me because, I am known for getting results when typical “evidence based” and/or western medical interventions, specialists, therapists and practitioners have failed to achieve results. From working with complex pain and injury patterns, to quickly assessing and shifting under performance issues, helping people understand how they are designed to create real impact, to grooming team mindsets, growing company culture with people from all different backgrounds and circumstances, creating new levels of healing, performance, transformation and team spirit. I bring a whole, mind-body centered approach to my work and private to help others love, live and lead a truly EMPOWERED LIFE.

You’re probably here because of a conversation you’ve had with someone I’ve helped.  I’m honored at the opportunity to help you too. Most likely you will need a customized solution. I would love to chat to better understand your goals. Let’s get you started on your journey. Book a complimentary transformation call so we can build a solution right for your needs and priorities.

As a thank you for connecting with me today, please enjoy two of the most popular audio experiences, isochronic sound healing for pain and an NLP emotional and negative family karmic clearing, I share with clients to accelerate their healing journey and reach peak states of mind-body centered living, leadership, and performance.

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