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Tamara Gold is a Chicago area leading mind-body expert, influencer, thought leader with 33-years combined experience and expertise in the health, wellness and fitness industries.

A B.S. in Holistic Nutrition,  Certified Neuro-Coach with 6-specializations, Neuro-Muscular Therapist, Applied Movement Neurology Practitioner, Yoga Therapy, Somatic Energy, Meditation Master Instructor trained in over 72 integrative modalities and specializing in advanced neuro-techniques. 

Tamara’s unique mind-body centered intuitive approach focuses on optimizing performance and accelerating your healing process. Her unique mind-body centered leadership approach has fueled her ability to transform the lives of thousands of clients, train and mentor hundreds of top performing employees and thousands of industry professionals. She is an award winning Master Instructor, LMT, former International Podcaster with Intention Radio and has been a featured expert in the Mindful Mavericks Magazine.

Her personal mission is to help 1000 leaders per year, through brain-based energy optimization, to reverse burnout, under-performance, and learn how to tap into their intuitive brain network and flow state to become better thinkers, connectors, leaders, and influencers.

The vision for her online education & training company,, is to train 1000 Health, Wellness & Medical Practitioners, Teachers, Instructors the art of mindfulness based stress relief, self-healing, consciousness and intuitive based energy balancing so that they can live and lead more intuitively, impactfully, consciously, and purposefully.


As a natural-born intuitive and leader, Tamara has spent most of her life deeply immersed in learning how to hack the performance of the mind, how to teach others to strengthen their intuition, accelerate healing and 10x human potential – naturally. She completed the Chicago School of Massage Therapy Massage Program at the age of 19. Opened her own mobile sports massage practice, became a certified personal trainer and bodybuilder with a concentration in Neuro-Muscular, Sports, Orthopedic Massage, Adv. Myoskeletal Therapy and somatic-based energy. She graduated with a B.S. in Holistic Nutrition with the highest honors. When schooling was complete, she accepted a position as a regional fitness director, then promoted to GM for three, 24-hour, multi-million dollar fitness franchises while pursuing her transformational life coaching certification.

After the birth of her 3rd daughter, she accepted positions as lead instructor, clinical advisor, curriculum advisor and continuing education creator/consultant with 2-Chicago area national professional massage therapy training schools while running her private practice in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Tamara is uniquely qualified to teach and lead others into states of higher performance.

In 2010, expanding her knowledge base in natural healing, neuroscience, and leader. Following her curiosity, she expanded her intuitive skill sets through MindScape, NLP, Hypnosis, 4 Akashic Certifications, and Advanced Oracle Training with Hay House Influencer & internationally acclaimed intuition expert Colette Baron Reid. She is currently in pursuit of Grand Master with the AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Balancing & Meditation Grand Master, Ojela Frank. Tamara currently has Master Instructor Level 4 credentialing and holds regular online energy intensives. 

She completed an accelerated intensive Neuro-Coaching ICF approved certification with Shonte Taylor – Neuroscientist and founder of the OptiMind Institute earning 6-specializations: in leadership, education, spirituality, entrepreneurship, health, and relationship. A rare feat amongst the OptiMind student body.

Furthering her specialization in evidenced-based neuro-based healing and coaching, she was able to meet some amazing individuals who further fueled the expansion of her knowledge base. She studied the AMN methodology (applied movement neurology) with the AMN Academy Co-Founders Luke Sherrell and David Fleming. Tamara was accepted into the NeuroCoach Pro Program and currently mentoring with Mark Waldman, one of the world’s leading experts on communication, spirituality, and the brain. He is on the faculty at Holmes Institute and Loyola Marymount University’s where he developed and teaches the NeuroLeadership for the MBA program. He is the author of 14 books, including WORDS CAN CHANGE YOUR BRAIN and HOW GOD CHANGES YOUR BRAIN (picked by Oprah as one of the “Must Read” books for 2012.

Currently, Tamara offers her Inner Circle membership, limited private sessions and NeuroCoaching, online mind-body, soul and flow centered programs, and workshops. Tamara regularly trains and speaks about the power of the mind-body connection online, at local engagements, attracting clients and audiences from stay-at-home moms, industry leaders, executives, entrepreneurs to Hollywood actors, high performers and professional athletes. Her mission is to help people tap into the power of their mind to create a deeper connection to their body, strengthen their intuition, increase their vitality, and reach their highest human potential.

 – Street Cred:

  • Former Regional Fitness Director – Capital Fitness DBA- XSport 24 Hour Fitness Franchise
  • Former General Manager – Capital Fitness DBA – XSport 24 Hour Fitness Franchise – Elston, Central and Lake View Locations
  • Former Lead Instructor, Clinical Supervisor, Curriculum Advisor, Creator of the Business Curriculum For The National Massage Therapy Professional Training Program along with NCB Approved Continued Educational Training for Cortiva Institute & Corinthian School of Massage.
  • Former Featured Intention Radio International Podcaster
  • B.S. Holistic Nutrition
  • LMT, Neuro-Muscular, Sports & Adv. Myoskeletal Therapist
  • Applied Movement Neurology Practitioner -AMN Academy
  • Certified Yoga Teacher  – RYT-200, IAYT – My Vinyasa Practice 
  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner – BodyTalk International
  • Certified IASTM & Cupping – RockTape
  • Rocktape Level 1
  • Mercier Therapy
  • Certified Qigong Teacher – Supreme Science Institute
  • Fitness Instructor –  Personal Trainer – ACE
  • Certified MindScape, EFT & NLP Practitioner
  • Certified NeuroCoach – 6 Specializations -Leadership, Health, Entrepreneurship, Education, Relationship, Spirituality. ICF Approved OPTIMIND Institute
  • Certified NeuroCoach Pro – NeuroLeadership – Mindfulness Techniques for Leaders. Currently mentoring with Mark Waldman, one of the world’s leading experts on communication, spirituality, and the brain. A faculty member at The Holmes Institute and Loyola Marymount University where he teaches the NeuroLeadership program to MBA students.
  • Certified Transformation Coach – Transformational Coaching Academy
  • Certified Small Business Coach – A Real Change International
  • Certified AumaKhua-Ki® Master Instructor, Certified Master Practitioner & Remote Healing Practitioner 
  • Certified Advanced (Akashic) Soul Realignment Practitioner – Soul Calibration Practitioner
  • Certified Oracle & Shared Wisdom Practitioner – Colette Baron Reid
  • Certified Vibrational Therapy Practitioner – The Sounds Good Academy

i,Fun Facts:

  • I love kimono’s and craft beer.
  • I truly enjoy designing Japanese & meditation gardens.  I pursued my master gardener certification after the birth of my 3rd daughter. As a fun creative outlet and form of community service, I’ve designed award-winning gardens for women’s shelters in Chicago and on all my personal properties throughout the years. To me, there is nothing more grounding, healing and nurturing to the soul as designing, creating and enjoying one of these mindful spaces.
  • I was highly intuitive and psychic from a young age. Growing up, I knew I had a sister, who happened to be adopted out at birth and we connected with her when I was 16.
  • I own and ride two motorcycles and a monster truck.
  • I had the unfortunate experience of puncturing a lung and breaking 2 ribs when I was 16. I definitely do not wish that on anyone. However, it was the very experience that led me to immerse myself into natural healing and breath work.
  • I have a unique connection with the body. When I began massage school, I found I could lay my hands on a person’s body and the body “speaks” with me. My medical intuitive skills grew over the years as I continued to develop my knowledge of the human body and intuition.
  • I’ve suffered many sports injuries, whiplash and discovered I had scoliosis after a debilitating car accident. I’ve had a fruitful massage and fitness career in spite of my injuries because, I absolutely understand how to accelerate healing, address pain and injury from a whole mind-body perspective.
  • I have 3 amazing daughters: Justine, Devin and Aleyah, as-well-as, 3 very spoiled dogs: Bentley the Pyrenees, Buddha the German Shepard and Cloe the Cattlehound mix. My dogs appear in almost every live stream, whether I like it or not, and they absolutely love participating in healing sessions and energy intensives.
  • In spite of feeling like an outsider growing up. I learned to accept and embrace who I was and my natural gifts. My life experience deeply inspires me to help others do the same. To date, I have taught, mentored and lead over 25,000 people to step into their gifts and fullest potential.
  • I love to read. I have anywhere from 5-10 books on my nightstand at all times. I used to read a book a week. Now it’s a matter of following my insatiable thirst for knowledge. I’m usually immersed in 2-3 Neuroscence, business and spiritual development courses at the same time. 
  • I NEVER intended to have a following or become an “influencer” when I started social media. My love for teaching, podcasting and empowering others makes social media the single best thing that’s allowed me to connect and help people all over the world.

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