It's About Time...

we move way past calling our gift expressions, innate intuitive skills and the art of hands-on healing a bunch of metaphysical woo-ha. 
to respect, explore and unleash the innate powers we have to help one another tap into our highest human potential, respect and refine natural healing –  through intelligent touch, a better understanding of the mind-body connection and refine our relationship to our vital life force aka energy.
By refining how you work with your energy eco-system, access higher levels of your mind and develop your intuitive skills; we actually create stronger neuro-pathways that develop our ability to command our body’s, immune system, intuition and ability to heal and transform which helps us to develop a stronger connection to a higher power and expand our capacity to serve one another.


To Live SoulFueled :

You MUST learn how to listen and access the true essence of energy 

You MUST understand your Energetic BluePrint and how to work with it to unlock your fullest gift expressions

You MUST develop your subtle senses, refine your Mind-Body connections to generate more vital life force and direct energy to help others heal



That’s where I come in…

I Train Wellness Enthusiasts, Modern Practitioners, Healers, Transformational Industry Leaders but, I also help the chronically injured, overly exhausted, stressed out, burned out, and frustrated individuals heal naturally, wholly, holistically (on all levels of Mind, Body, Spirit)

It really is THAT simple!


Even as a child, It was quickly discovered that I was very gifted, intuitive and ahead of my time. I’ve been blessed with many knick-names: Golden Girl, Body Whisperer, A True Healer, Warrior, Gifted Teacher and True Leader.

Featured in Mindful Mavericks, a Lead International Podcaster for Intention Radio, Award Winning Instructor and receiver of many leadership awards and accolades, to working with national franchises like Capital Fitness, Cortiva and Corinthian to being a Chicago Area Mastermind Leader, multiple six-figure executive and entrepreneur in the Health & Wellness Training Industry. I have been very blessed to learn, develop and succeed in an industry that I love deeply. 

I am very unconventional and have felt mostly out of place my whole life. I love to fuse worlds together like science and sprituality…there is true wisdom in the intersections. I don’t think like the masses which is one of my many superpowers. I’ve always been ahead of the trends and I do have a very refined level of intuitive skills that I use to navigate my personal and professional life. When I lay my hands on people their body’s talk to me – they share the whispers and stories that help me to help them heal fully.  I hold space for people big time!!. I’m definitely an eccentric mom, have raised 3 amazing and very strong willed daughters, have a very hard headed and uber adorable Great Pyrenees named Bentley who is also an energy healer. I’m a craft beer connoisseur, lover of travel and adventure, as well as, a human potential -neurosceince-mindbody aficionado.



TAMARA GOLD, lovingly knick named by her clients-The Body Whisperer, referred to during her time as an executive as– The Golden Girl, labelled by her TRIBE as a powerful speaker of truth, healer, manifestor and SoulFueled Woman. Tamara is the Founder of The SoulFueled MindBody Studio of Huntley, The SoulFueled Academy, CO-Founder of AK Midwest Training, a Chicago & International online leader for the Courage Collective Women’s Mastermind a seasoned Master Practitioner, Intuitive Life &  Neuroscience Success Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Transformational Speaker. Award Winning Master Instructor.

Her experience includes national curriculum advisor, continuing education content creator, a top fitness, health, and wellness trainer for 3 national franchises and entrepreneur. She has appeared online media and magazines like Mindful Mavericks, and as an on-air host and top International podcaster for Intention Radio.

Tamara is known for her unfiltered, laser-sharp intuitive insights and steady-stream of insights and ideas. She has deeply inspired thousands of lives, her audiences, students, teams, classroom and boardroom members with her wisdom and a serious dose of unfiltered truth and powerful personality, Tamara delivers a SoulFueled message of alignment, healing and empowerment: “Live SoulFueled is living fully Self-Acutalized on every level of the mind,body and soul.”

She is launching a new online signature YinYoga Health Coaching Program called YIN-ERGIZE™Yoga program in 2018l. She lives in the Chicago Area. When she’s not writing or reading books, coaching or working with clients, she’s exploring or riding her Harley.


A trusted high-performance leader, highly skilled and experienced Neuromuscular & Orthopedic & bodywork specialist. Certified Holistic Life Coach, Neuro Success Coach with 6 Specialities, Master Instructor, Health and Wellness Lifestyle Influencer, Award-Winning Lifestyle, Fitness, Wellness, and Business Trainer, Former Executive, Team Leader,  Content – Curriculum – Clinical advisor for three top national professional training franchises such as: Capital Fitness, Cortiva, Corinthian, and Intention Radio. 

Message From Tamara

“I focus on soul level connection, neurophysiological correction and structural, emotional & spiritual alignment. Over the course of my career, I have witnessed, in a majority of people who suffer from chronic pain, mental – emotional burnout, lack of vitality and vital life force are at it’s core really due to a lifestyle completely incongruent on a soul level.

Dis-ease starts in the SPIRIT. I know this to be true. When you learn to align to your higher self, align to your core drivers – values,  nurture your mind, honor your body, emotions, experiences and fuel your spirit; your ability to heal, intuit and fully expressed  becomes nothing short of miraculous or “SUPERHUMAN.”


  • Run 3 multi-million dollar, 24 hour, national fitness franchises. A remained in the top 1 through 10 sales producers for all 7 years.
  • Rrained close to 20 thousand professionals in all aspects of health, wellness, high performance, sales, business and entrepreneurship.
  • A national cirriculum advisor and award winning instructor for two national educational franchises.
  • Achieved master level or the highest levels of training in over 15 lifestyle, business coaching, holistic, and integrative modalities and hold over 72 certifications. Through deep immersive – accelerated learning and integration I’ve been able to develop extensive training in corrective – structural – medical – kinesiological – energetic therapeutic and corrective exercise modalities throughout my 30 year career. I use BodyTalk and Soul Realignment constructs to create powerful soul level, energetic, whole life healing experiences and personal shifts.
  • Received over 14 leadership, teaching, service and influencer awards in health, fitness, lifestyle & business.
  • Featured lifestyle expert in Mindful Mavericks Magazine and podcaster on Intention Radio.
  • Created over 117 signature training,  corporate wellness, business training programs for national franchised brands in health, high performance, wellness, fitness, business, and sales.
  • Brand influencer for two top nutritional companies. I have a B.S. in holistic nutrition, advanced certifications in Food Healing and Sports Nutrition.
  • Chicago area mastermind leader for the International Womans Business & Speaking –Courage Collective Mastermind. This is a woman’s empowerment movement. 10% of our collective mastermind profits are funding the construction of 10 homes for single mothers displaced by natural disaster in Nicaragua.
  • Certified Master Life Coach also Certified NeuroCoach specialized in 6 specialties: Health, Leadership, Relationship, Education, Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, BS Holistic Nutrition, Holistic health & fitness educator, professional trainer, national curriculum creator with 3 decades of experience. Designed and delivered multiple meditation, tapping, health and stress management training’s used in corporate wellness, the treatment and support of a local Veteran – PTSD groups.


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