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Looking for something more in your energy practice? 

  • Are you just starting out on your spiritual journey or following your curiosity and being lead to develop your energy and intuition on a deeper level?
  • Are you’re being lead to explore more variations of energy?
  • Have you been practicing energy based work for a while and are called to enhance your ability to work with and channel energy, to deepen your application and assessments of energy in session work and real life application?
  • Are you ready to actually learn to raise your physical vibration and know multiple levels of energetic awareness and activation? 
  • Are you seeking more from your energy or meditation practice?
  • Have you had an awakening or activating energetic experience and want to learn more about energy?

Ready to develop the next level of energy mastery?

  • Are you looking for ways to add another dimension to your energy work, to refine your clairs and inutition?
  • Are you looking for a high-quality level of training in energy healing, meditation and holistic self-care and want more than a watered down impersonal downloadable do-it-yourself experience?
  • Are you looking for better tools to manage your stress, pain and anxiety?
  • Do you have a passion for helping others and you have a deep desire to help others heal?
  • Would you be excited to learn a unique way to work with energy, sacred symbols and the chakras to help others deepen their transformation process?
  • Do you want to start a healing practice, work from a distance or expand your existing practice and services?
  • Would you love to be trained and mentored to lead your own healing community and to be part of the next level of growth in the AKEB community?

What is AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Balancing & Meditation

AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing is a holistic health educational system and that released to the public in 2013.

We are often asked, “what is AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Balancing & Meditation?”
Here is an expanded explanation, as we are restricted to generic descriptions when listing a class with CE’s, to help you gain more insight on what AKEB can offer you on your energy mastery journey.
AumaKhua-Ki® (om-ah-koo-ah-kee) is a chakra-based system that offers several course levels on energy balancing and advanced meditation practices. Most of the AKEB classes include a powerful AK Energy Attunement and instruction on how to elevate your vibratory state to higher resonances. When we raise our vibration to higher and higher frequencies, we are able to transmit stronger amplitudes of energy through our channel. Higher states of consciousness give us stronger access to intuition, clairsentience (a sense of knowing), visions and other Gifts of Knowing..
AumaKhua-Ki®, accelerates a heightened state of awareness and increases a person’s capacity to channel more healing energy. Most workshops and webinars include a powerful AumaKhua-Ki® Attunement, complete instruction in AKEBM therapeutic techniques, experiential, energetic exercises, session work, a student eBook or handouts and an AKEBM Class Certificate.
This unique and proprietary information is passed from a certified AumaKhua-Ki® Instructor to the student.
AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Balancing & Meditation offers beginner, intermediate, advanced seminars and webinars. AK Energy Levels 1 through AK Energy Master Class include an AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Attunement. Some of the advanced AK Instructor classes include higher frequency attunements. AKEBM is an extensive program that offers 14 class levels for those who qualify to attend the advanced levels and would like to pursue advacned Master Practitioner, Instructor & Master Instructor status.




Tamara Gold, B.S., NMT, Master Instructor – Practitioner, ICF Certified Master Life & Neurobased Empowerment Coach

Tamara Gold is an award-winning Master Instructor, Educator & Mentor. She has national provider & Illinois Board of Education credentials has served as Lead Instructor, Continuing Education Provider, Clinical Advisor and National Curriculum Creator – Advisor for 2 top National Massage Professional Training Franchises for a total of 14 years. Throughout her 33 year career in Health, Fitness & Wellness Education she has achieved the highest levels of certification and achievement in many advanced mind-body, neuro based and corrective training modalities.


You can earn Up To 35 Continuing Education Credits For

AUMAKHUA-KI® Hands-On Training with me.

The live in-person training offers NCB approved continuing education credits for LMT’s. You can earn up to 35 continuing credit hours for completing this program In Person – Levels 1-4. We are working on approval for the hands-on Master course at this time.

Once you have successfully completed your Level’s 1-4 certification requirements; we will invite dedicated students who want to pursue advanced energetic practices, remote practitioner certifications, Master’s, Instructor and Master Instructor training to move through higher energetic activation training. Tamara Gold is dedicated to your Education, Empowerment and Transformation.




Class Conducted Via Zoom

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Up to 35 approved NCB CE’s for LMT’s

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Program options include an all online

or all hands-on version with CE’s.

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“My biggest WOW and take away was now I know how to discern where & why we are unbalanced in the body. Now I have a variety of energetic strategies to integrate with my existing work to use in my yoga client sessions. Priceless!”

Kim Brandt, Owner A Healing Place, Yogat Therapist, LMT

“Ak is fast acting and way more powerful than my Reiki. This is a very powerful addition to my bodywork.”

Paige Burnett, LMT

 AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Training Includes
Attunements, Energy Activations, Specific Protocols

Advanced Energy Explorations & Assessments.

The combination of these tools and experiences is proven to create deeper levels of change, healing and transformation.

Attunement Ceremony

Attunement means, “being or bringing into harmony; a feeling of being “aligned” with another being or vibration.”

We attune our students at Level 1 and equip you to assess and work fully with your first symbol and sets of protocols.

The AUMAKHUA-KI® Attunement process is a life-changing spiritual experience. This sacred ceremony can be done in person or remotely. AK attunements initiate you into the AumaKhua-Ki ® key’s of light starting with Level #1.

The attunement energies are activated by sacred symbols and channeled to the student through the Certified AUMAKHUA-KI ®  MASTER Instructor during your attunement activation. This transformational ceremony is a sacred experience to usher in the consciousness of Divine true source energy and alignment to your higher self.

Sacred Yantra’s + Mantra’s  

Each YANTRA (symbol) has an activating MANTRA (chant). This is a powerful manifesting recipe for the brain. According to neuroscience research, Yantra & Mantras create new pathways in the brain. Our thoughts physically change our DNA, our physical vibratory rate and biochemical reactions.. 

As you progress through from beginner to advanced course work and work towards master levels of AUMAKHUA-KI ® you learn increasingly activating sacred yantra-mantra combinations for various applications such as:

  • Blessing
  • Clearing
  • Aligning
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Mental & Emotional Harmonization
  • Heart Activation
  • Karmic Clearing
  • Remote Healing – Balancing
  • Manifesting Keys
  • Energy Activation and more…
        Assessments & Protocols

We equip you to assess the energy fields and chakra system with a variety of kinesiology and advanced assessment techniques to help you develop world-class transformational sessions. Many energy healing practitioners lack consistency, organization and proficiency in their assessment skills, body-mind consciousness connections and session planning.

The practical skills and session protocols cover in our Jump Start Program, paired with the 3 decades of experience by the SoulFueled Academy,’s Founder & Master Instructor-Tamara Gold will prepare you with a solid foundation to deliver the highest quality sessions skills and to conduct powerful transformational self-balancing sessions, guided meditations, chair, table, and remote balancing sessions.



Energy Balancing & Meditation

AK Energy Balancing Meditation offers beginner – through advanced energy explorations within EVERY LEVEL OF TRAINING. This helps you to progressively and strategically learn to stay grounded and work with increasingly activating energy protocols.

AKEB activations and training take your skills beyond Reiki, Kundalini, Yoga and Meditation. You will learn & know HOW to assess and work with energy and how to create balance within the body- consciously.

*AKEB contains its own proprietary set of self-balancing & energetic based meditations to create an instant state of energetic awaken – rapidly. In my recent EEG experience, I compared my use of AK Energy activations with 7 other participants. Each participant used a variety of breathwork, meditation styles, mantras and Reiki while wearing the EEG headset. In comparison, the video of my session proved that Ak created rapid balance in my brainwaves while sustaining a higher amplitude of brain waves throughout the duration of my session. For those of you who understand vibration and laws for manifesting this is very exciting. We can prove that AKEB amplifies your physical vibration, improves your attention, focus and emotional state-rapidly.


If you’re asking yourself, ” Can I be an energy healer I don’t have any training in natural health?. 
Of course you can do this. You will learn precise problem solving, session assessments and protocols.

“Am I too old to learn this?”

Seriously, do I really need to answer this. You are never to old to be in service to others.

“Do I need more training or to go to massage school? “Do I have to be an Energy Master?

OH MY GOSH – NO NO NO!  A large percentage of students coming into mindbody work are looking for more purpose and to create more impact in the world or simply seeking expansion beyond their existing skills. In my experience, AumaKhua-KI (R) is a dynamic regenerative energy that will absolutely change your life and the lives of those you share it with. AKEB will take your energy skills beyond the capacity of Reiki, Meditation, Kundalini, Mindfulness or Visualization.

Why train with Tamara?

I’ve trained over 25,000 students throughout my career from all walks of life and with various backgrounds and caliber of healthcare knowledge such as: doctors, health, wellness & fitness professionals. I’ve groomed people with zero experience in any type of healing modality to be very successful practitioners, providers, top performers and entrepreneurs in this field.

It is very typical to see people transitioning from careers in very different fields. some people are just testing the waters and beginning a spiritual awakening journey while some are in it for career expansion. I’ve mentored thousands of students into highly effective successful energy practitioners and transformational business owners.

AK training with me is an experience that is uniquely enriched by the 3 decades of experience and knowledge running  interactive learning environments. The depth, knowledge and application of mind, body and holistic healing work I’ve done fuels an immersive personalized experience. Due to my 20 years experience as a lead instructor, curriculum designer, corporate executive and regional trainer in the health, fitness & wellness fields, I understand how to create interactive – accelerated learning style rich, safe, non-competitive environments that shave years off of your learning curve, break down complex mindbody concepts into digestible pieces with precise step-by-step instruction that helps to excite the mind, awaken your natural gifts, that fosters competence and confidence-rapidly.

I will help you shave decades off your practice and study of energy healing



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AUMAKHUA-KI® Training?

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