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Tamara Gold, B.S., Neuro Success Coach, EFT, NLP, NMT 

ICF Certified Neuroscience Based Health & Success Coach with 6 Specializations: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Health, Spirituality, Relationships & Education.

Certified Master Life Coach, Small Business Coach

Master Practitioner, Master MindBody Instructor – NCB Approved Continuing Education Provider in MindBody, Meditation, Tapping, Energy Balancing & Self-care.

Tamara is passionate about helping women transform their personal lives, create real impact in their communities and achieve their highest levels of purpose driven success and gift expression through life purpose, life alignment and success coaching 


Soul Realignment®     

Life Purpose & Realignment Coaching 

Do you find yourself at a crossroads or repeating the same patterns or self-sabotage over and over?

Feeling a little lost or directionless and need clarity and a personalize blueprint for success?

Maybe you’re in a transition and it’s time to re-calibrate?

Unlock your unique formula for creating success and manifesting.  Schedule a complimentary 30 min Clarity, Connection & Exploration Call to see which Soul Realignment program is right for you.

Tapping & Neuro-Success Coaching

With powerful neuro-based strategies we will move you out of resistance, break old pain patterns and decode self-sabotage.

These session are intensive experiences that lead to change, healing and deep transformation.

Whether you are investing in a monthly, quarterly or VIP BREAKTHROUGH program, every single coaching program is a holistic experience  designed to work with all aspects of your mind, body and highest life priorities, values, goals and lifestyle..

Schedule a free 30-minute clarity call to see which one of the Tapping intensive programs are perfect for you.

Personal Mastery 8-Week Online Group Coaching 

In this unique, 5 figure, 8-week mastermind coaching experience, women learn to EMBODY success.

BREAKTHROUGH what’s holding you back, why you’re not achieving the goals you set despite all the programs you’ve tried and how to actually create the results and shifts you want. You’ll recognize how your specific gifts and passions can create a profound impact on your life and the world around you. In our home and work environments, emotional and intuitive intelligence underlies our self-awareness, empathy, leadership, productivity and resilience. Many women today are faced with environments that breed a “do more, be more, with less”, to the point of burnout and self-sacrifice.


What is the cancellation policy?

Each coaching program is a concierge level of service with limited spaces per month.

Program options range from 1 full day intensive, 30-day’s,  6-month’s, annual coaching and the SoulFueled Woman Mastermind – which is an application only 5 figure investment.

Programs are paid in full or we offer payments with an auto-draft option each month. Programs are non-refundable and require clients to commit to work and execution of strategies.

Please send to

Are there any hidden costs?

No! There are no hidden costs. Your program costs are discussed up front. Your coaching program fees are transparent at purchase. Payment plans will be drafted the 30th (or last day) of each month.

We do have a 48-hour rescheduling policy if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment. 

How will I schedule my sessions?

For your convenience, You will have a VIP member scheduling link. Of course, each practitioner will be happy to book your session for you in person, via text or phone. Remember, you can select 3 treatments from each provider over a 6-month duration.

Please do not contact Love Light for scheduling. Essential Body VIP Membership is an independent service provided by Monique and Tamara.

If you want to schedule & complete your 1st 3 sessions with one practitioner before scheduling with the other you are absolutely able to do so.

Monique and Tamara want you to be taken care of and fully supported on your healing journey. They will work together with you so that your experience is cohesive and complementary.

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Coaching is non-refundable or transferable. This is why we offer a clarity and exploration call and intake process prior to enrollment.

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