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This program is where science and spirituality meet to help you understanding your unique gift expression, manifesting design and how the levels of your mind work together to accelerate results in your life.

You’ll learn the actual art and science behind your own manifesting abilities, how to unlock flow and enhance higher performance and fulfilment.

Most people don’t understand how they are wired to thrive. Understanding  how to implement these into your life or career will free up more energy, as well as helping you to avoid wasting time, energy, and costly mistakes.

In this unique 12-week SoulFueled experience, I fuse the best of brain and body transformation science to help you learn exactly what’s holding you back, why you’re not achieving the goals you set despite all the programs you’ve tried and how to actually create the results and shifts you want. You’ll recognize how your specific gifts and passions can create a profound impact on your life and the world around you. In our home and work environments, emotional and intuitive intelligence underlies our self-awareness, empathy, leadership, productivity and resilience. Many women today are faced with environments that breed a “do more, be more, with less”, to the point of burnout and self-sacrifice.

Women who complete the 12-week SoulFueled Coaching Program feel:

  • back in charge of their lives.
  • a deep sense of self-empowerment.
  • heightened clarity in decisions and transitions.
  • increased productivity with less time and effort. 

Your customized reading and my step-by-step guidance will align and harness your divine assets to radically transform even the most resistant negative karmic patterns and subconscious patterns that are showing up in your life.

Are you ready to clear away the fog of frustration and confusion?

To align and harness your divine assets?

To discover a lasting transformation?


Here’s how the SoulFueled Woman 12-week online coaching experience will change your life:

  • Brain fog and overwhelm will disappear.

  • Confusion about your path, purpose or next step will vanish.

  • Relationships and your communication will improve.

  • Your health and boundaries will shift.

  • Your career trajectory will become clear and how to transition will feel doable.

  • Imposter syndrome, past fears and failures will lose their hold on you.

  • Dissolve self-worth and lack mentality.

  • Growth, profitability, manifesting and money issues will transform from struggle to strategy.
  • You will a whole other level of vital life force, flow and drive.


Life Purpose & Relationship Navigation 

“WOW, finally I feel completely clear where to put my focus. I felt like you understood me, know me, and could read my mind, know my struggles. Since this program I’m on fire, everyone is coming up to me and asking what I am doing.” Hillary

Coach Insight: This comes from CLARITY and helping people connect to what they REALLY want instead of what they think they want. This program get you in full alignment to what YOU NEED TO THRIVE and your very own blueprint for living fully expressed. The Personal Mastery Program gets you clear and cuts through your emotional baggage and inner resistance especially when you are seeking more purpose and professional success.

 Life Purpose & Career Realignment

“SERIOUSLY, I cannot believe what you tapped into. You opened my eyes to something I never connected to before, these patterns of resistance totally makes sense! Since our deep dive into this work I’ve sold my home, quit my soul sucking job, lost over 60 lbs and moved to Florida! I LOVE MY LIFE” Jolanda

Coach Insight:  This comes, from my structured approach and ABILITY to tap into and reveal the hidden roots to a clients symptom and action patterns. Fundamentally, we uproot what the client is suppressing, doing and re-enforcing or what they are resisting and refusing to deal with. This process decodes what exactly creates their biggest struggles & pain points whether it’s weight, money, career, relationship or purpose.

 Career & Financial Realignment

“UNBELIEVABLE, this is huge, I never really sat with how much other people opinions and how long my blocks have taken a toll on me and what that has cost me personally, professionally and financially. You’re a genius Tamara!”  Sarah

Coach Insight:  This comes from COMPASSIONATE presence, holding safe and sacred space for awareness, acceptance, pain, confusion, frustration and anger to surface for release. Acknowledging the emotional resistance from years of turmoil or generational conditioning is powerful. Recognizing how these learned patterns have infused all areas of life, love and success gives you the precise knowledge of what you must be cleared, change and in what order. Then, by taking precise aligned action, understanding your unique gifts and set of subconscious blocks we now have the fuel to create rapid, even generational, karmic shifts.


the Over the course of this 12-week experience, using cutting-edge neuroscience, proven transformational methods, energy psychology and the best holistic high performance strategies; I will help you understand exactly how your are wired to work, flow, create and thrive optimally.

Starting with a custom Soul Realignment, Soul Traits & Life Purpose reading I will guide you through a step-by-step process to unlock your purpose and personal genius, Each week in our private VIP group your realignment and integration calls, mini-challenges, videos, journal prompts move you through a structured proven integration process to facilitate the work, your deeper levels of self-navigation, healing and success. No more guesswork, overwhelm and distress on what or how to co-create your best life. You will have the formula and support to put the right actions into play – immediately. 


The 12-week SoulFueled Coaching Program Starts Online August 1st, 2019


Here are the details of this 12-week SoulFueled Woman Coaching experience:

        • Receive your very own customized and comprehensive SoulFueled Woman or SoulFueled CEO reading. Readings are done one at a time and take up to 3–4 hours to cultivate. The first 2 weeks of the coaching program are reserved for scheduling each private reading This will be one of the most eye-opening and validating experiences you have this year.
        • Receive your printable SoulFueled Woman or CEO reading report, so that, you have a tangible reference to guide you long after your coaching program and support are finished. The report is where I share a game plan for you that helps you to understand how to execute on your primary gifts, soul traits, manifesting blueprint, the key negative karmic patterns to avoid, and subconscious resistance that deminshes your creative energy.
        • Receive a customized 21-day clearing action plan to help you achieve transformation and actualization related to your specific goals.
        • Receive weekly interactive video livestreams and lessons within the private VIP Facebook group on how to live aligned to your highest purpose in spite of challenges and existing demands. 
        • Cutting-edge neuroscience, holistic high performance strategies to co-create powerful manifesting results. You will understand exactly how to accelerate your results, manifest deep purpose, attract effortlessly, and appreciate what traits help you to succeed.
        • Monthly themed live interactive tapping and energy activation meditation experiences that use brain science, energy psychology, energy meditations and body-mind consciousness based techniques used by top performers, leaders, pro-athletes and Olympians to shift the resistance, procrastination, fear, and subconscious blocks you have to living a purpose-driven life.
        • Guest Speakers & Transformation Specialists to help guide you on your SoulFueled journey to greatness.
        • Receive access to the SoulFueled Woman VIP Facebook Classroom.



This options helps you create clarity around your life purpose, gifts, skills and relationships. Understand what you need to do to resolve negative patterns, habits and karma. Your realignment reading will provide you with a manfiesting blueprint to create more meaningful connections, key strategies to help you to tap into your vital life force channel to foster transformation, more energy, purpose and prosperity. Uncover how you are designed to show up in the world. How to apply your gifts, skills, strengths and weaknesses in every area of life to harness deeper connection, meaning and fullfillment. 




  • 1- Custom Soul Realignment reading
  • 1- 60 min Private Coaching Integration call -zoom
  • 1- 60 min BodyTalk Session – identifying and clearing unconscious patterns held within the brain-body connection that reduce performance that drive mental, physical, emotional and spiritual in-congruence
  • Access the the Private VIP Facebook Group
  • Weekly Coaching & Integration Calls

This options helps you to create more impact, transformation and profitablity in your business or professional life. Understand what you need to do to resolve poor performance habits, limiting earning patterns, and karma. Your realignment reading will provide you with a blueprint to help you understand where to focus your talents, how to tap into your most influential and prosperous flow state and professional genius. Realign how you work, birth your ideas into new products, business opportunity, income or signature programs, learn what skills transfer and manifest more opportunity and growth. Uncover strategies to make your existing career, business or practice more profitable. and , how to tap into your vital life force to sustain higher performance, energy output, impact, and prosperity

  • 1- Custom Career or Financial Realignment reading
  • 1- 60 min Private Coaching Integration call -zoom
  • 1- 60 min BodyTalk Session – identifying and clearing unconscious patterns held within the brain-body connection that reduce performance that drive mental, physical, emotional and spiritual in-congruence
  • Access the the Private VIP Facebook Group
  • Weekly Coaching & Integration Calls



Tamara Gold, B.S., Mind & Performance NeuroCoach 

ICF Certified Neuroscience Based Coach with 6 Specializations: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Health, Spirituality, Relationships & Education.

Certified Master Life Coach, Small Business Coach

Master Instructor – NCB Approved Continuing Education Provider 

Tamara is passionate about helping women discover their SUPERPOWERS. Helping women understand their highest gift expressions, how to trigger higher thinking, refine your intuitive skills and understand how to work with all levels of the subconscious mind to create effortless high performance, aligned actions, your best mindset and a strong mind-body connection will absolutely transform  every aspect of your life. This program helps you understand how you are designed to create real impact, to achieve more with less, to serve in a way you were designed to success and fulfill your deepest desires and purpose. 


What if I want to use my PayPal credit account for purchase to take advantage their 6 month - 0% financing offer?

Yes, we’ve had many clients ask for this option. The coaching program is a paid in full program and our secure checkout process is linked to Paypal. To take advantage of the Paypal financing offer you need to set up your paypal account and appy for Paypal credit through them. 

Once that is completed, when you are selecting payment type just select Paypal as the payment source. Then select the PayPal credit option within your paypal account.

If you get confused or have any issues linking to your Paypal account at checkout just send us an email at: and we will generate a direct invoice for you through paypal.

What is the cancellation policy?

Each coaching program is a concierge level of service with limited spaces per month.

Programs are non-refundable and require clients to commit to work and execution of strategies.Programs are paid in full or we offer payments with an auto-draft option each month.

This covers all programs ranging from 1 full day intensive, 30-day’s,  6-month’s, annual coaching and the SoulFueled Woman Mastermind – which is an application only 5 figure investment.

Please send to

Are there any hidden costs?

No! There are no hidden costs. Your program costs are discussed up front. Your coaching program fees are transparent at purchase. Payment plans will be drafted the 30th (or last day) of each month.

We do have a 48-hour rescheduling policy if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment. 

How will I schedule my sessions?

For your convenience, You will have a VIP member scheduling link. Of course, I will be happy to book your session for you in person, via text or phone. Remember, you can select 3 treatments from each provider over a 6-month duration.

Please do not contact Love Light for scheduling. SoulFueled Woman Coaching programs are an independent service provided by Tamara.

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Coaching is non-refundable or transferable. This is why we offer a clarity and exploration call and intake process prior to enrollment.

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