Good Morning Ladies!!! I’m so pumped this morning. Just off a mastermind training, preparing for my clients for the day and I wanted to share how incredibly GRATEFUL to all the women who have showed up in my life big time this past year and those of you in this community.

In 2016, I went through a painful metamorphosis in my professional life. You see – for awhile now I’m being pulled in a whole other direction. Away from the 1:1 work I do and into bigger venues, more speaking, more mastermind leading, travel, training at a way bigger scale again. It’s a matter of the soul having to EVOLVE or DIE. I had to shed the old cozy skin I wore for 47 years to allow the new skin to rise to the surface.

Old skin-tough.

New Skin-sensitive.

In that process, I had to be very clear who I wanted to surround myself with, what exactly I wanted to dedicate myself to or what I want my legacy and empire to pay forward in this life. I’m talking next level ladies…not a fleeting moment of boredom. I’m talking major leveling the F*^k up. I had to get really clear and honest about WHAT I am a vessel for in this life and what that my existing gig is simply me – playing too small.Which means I’m needing to do more deep clearing and it’s time for a new level of spring cleaning in business and with clients.

The clients who are not my #soulmate clients – MUST GO. They don’t allow you to reach your upper limits because they themselves are not ready for your upper limits.

Better quality, Deeper Connection, Deeper Commitment, More Alignment, More Abundance, Total Flow = Soulmate Clients

I had to release many things I found comfort in. I had to completely cut off toxic, drama filled, small thinking people. I had to close the chapter fully on a portion of my life – one that my ego gripped to desperately because, of the illusion of comfort it created.

It’s easy to hide and play small because you don’t want to be judged or misunderstood or hide behind perfectionism. Shoot, perfectionism is code word for procrastinate. Shit, just embrace your haters or forever be controlled by them. You will always have someone hating on you because you are leveling up, taking action, and making things uncomfortable for someone else.

This is why I am so transparent. I keeps me accountable. I love to share my process, my ups and downs, mistakes and failures with the hope to help in some way inspire those of you on the same path of personal growth and upward spiraling.

Please understand I’ve ridden this roller coaster for a long time. It has more ups and downs..twists and turns than anything but, the ups are so worth it….and I LoVE IT. But-dang I wish someone was honest enough to do that when I was in my 20-30’s maybe I would have made less mistakes and broke away from corporate America sooner. Who knows.

I chose to eat a shit load of humble pie and completely embrace BEING the student again and on a much deeper level this year. To work on my inner flow, my inner intuitive genius;to be able to receive the deeper lessons and downloads. You have to be teachable to receive the incredible wisdom of your mentors and teachers to break through limiting habits.

Here’s the truth, as I transitioned in business and moved more of my business online it pained me to see very unskilled, unseasoned people calling themselves selves experts – crushing it online -building big communities and filling it with shit advice but, I could see people wanted entertainment, spoon feeding, the quick and easy..not expertise – mastery and definitely nothing difficult and time consuming. People selectively scoure for quick fixes and do not invest solidly in one idea, concept, or course fully. I’ve seen it over and over.

Personally, I had to wrap my mind around the connecting authentically in the online world. I waded through content disheartened at how shallow and distracted the energy is. I still forged forward. I’ve had many trial and errors, disappointments and flops. I had to understand what was missing is an online business model..what was creating friction in my soul about an online business.

It was about the absence of deep connections, culture, and community. Many of these online communities are lead by big egos or big clowns. If I see one more person screen shot their paypal account – I can’t even tell you …….this slimy shit makes my skin crawl.

I can do edutainment sure…but, I’m not interested in creating a business that feeds people who want to be entertained, and spoon fed. The goal is to create a business platform online where the community wants to do the work to level up. The community and culture drives itself because, the breath and depth of the very people who are drawn to it are action taking and implementation loving peeps. A culture of excellence defines the community and runs deep -it is in their blood and character – quality not quantity. Massive action takers ready to step into their power and really create the life they say they want to live. Those are my peeps! Conscious ASS KICKIN’ Creators!!.

Seriously, last year I could not see the full path and end point. For those of you who know me definitely understand I’m a big picture kind of gal. I need detail-I have to see it and feel it. Well, I had to lean into faith more this year than ever. I could feel but, not see. So,Raising my heart and hands to the heavens asking for spirit to show me I’m NOT freaking crazy…that there IS a bigger plan for my life, that I’m not working backwards (even though it feels like it )and am I on the right path is part of my daily prayers. I could feel it to the core of my being that there IS a bigger calling on my life through teaching and speaking. I knew I had to show up in a bigger way (I’m not talking about ego, glamour, glitz). I’m talking about creating transformation, empowering others, and sharing a message that enlightens others to make a conscious choice to level up and align fully – to live SoulFueled.

I’m talking about IMPACT and Changing Lives. For 2017, it’s about molding my leaderships skills into next level collaboration skills. My archetype, personality and learning style makes this psychologically difficult. It very easy to say – give me the information and now leave me alone. NOPE, to create the next level in my life I HAD to shift my working style and leadership style.I have no choice but, to be a CONSCIOUS COLLABORATIVE LEADER to BE the vessel I need to be and SHARE all that I am meant to in this life.

This is when the universe started working double time in my life. The women, the connections, the collaborations were divine and opened up some really incredible opportunities, connections, and re-connections moving forward.

One thing I can say is that the purging and pruning process got ugly at points and of course there are so many of those personal imperfections I could obsess over but, I always remember to pause. breath. and keep moving forward.

Fear will not control any part of me and my life!!!

I know many of the women connected here you struggle to step into your  power and purpose fully. You want to do it the right way. Every single woman here – whether you are focused on life and health or your business…it all boils down to this..
You have to be willing to get honest, be vulnerable, and SHARE your struggles.You have to be willing to be judged, criticized, and hated on to go to that next level because those low level thinkers won’t be there waiting — they will be stuck where they are at bitching and judging the next chick.

I want to encourage you to step up in the SoulFueled Woman FB group and share those cracks, fears, and wins. Get vulnerable. Take action. Tell us where you’re at and what you need. We do not read your mind nor do we have permission too.
Listen, People who always look like they have their shit together – be weary- it’s smoke and mirrors.

Evolving is messy. Let 2017 be the year for clearing the smoke and mirrors in your life. Open up and tell us, share with us what you need, show up and share your wisdom. STOP HOLDING BACK SISTER.

Some of the women in here are some of the most authentic, compassionate, creative and talented women I have ever met. BUT, I see you holding back.

Stressing over what you think you should be doing or having. DO YOU 100%. We obsess over our short comings, belly fat, pants size, wrinkles, not so camera ready faces, lack of experience, worries about feeling dumb or irrelevant and GOD forbid a mistake!!!!We judge ourselves so so freaking hard and we try to do far too much on our own. (EGO) When we feed that energy…Then we fail to share our selves…we fail to create relationship…we fail to grow. We become so self-critical, call ourselves failures – losers and withdraw…spin our wheels on comfortable tasks and avoid the hard tasks and yet sister…all I see is your beautiful soul trying to express itself outward.

I promise, You will find the way. Fall forward and celebrate failure. It’s just feedback. There is no light at then end of the tunnel…You are the light.

The SoulFueled Woman Community started from a divine seed of inspiration – to create a space for spiritually centered women ready to kick ass in life and business, to embrace their personal power, and purpose, so that, you can truly architect a soulfueled level of living. This community is a virtual space to ground, connect, collaborate and grow together. This community will continue to grow and evolve. What we look like today may be very different in comparison to what we look like in 3 years.

Ladies, I am so grateful to share this little slice of the internet with you but, It’s time for this space to evolve…you will need to DRIVE this space and co-create a vessel that supports you for where you want to go. The collective energy is what will help you create a-ha’s and breakthroughs. There is an incredible amount (a lifetime) of coaching, core wisdom, strategies and training if you take time to search the posts.

We’ve created the vessel…now we are expanding and extending an invitation to you sister…To help us DRIVE and build the community on to it’s next leg of the adventure. We are brainstorming and working on the next level of live immersions to compliment this space. Look for powerful challenges that up level your mindset, your life and the way you do business.

You ARE the recipe for the space…
You ARE the reason for this space…

IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO SHOW UP – share more of yourself, ask questions, engage and drive the content, etc.
IT’S TIME TO FEED THE SPACE- bring it to life, engage and mold it into the sacred space you crave.
IT’S TIME TO STEP INTO YOUR COURAGE – be vulnerable, visible, and transparent.

The energy and flow of creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurship has brought us the privilege of connecting with some wonder women leaders to co-host this space, some for short periods of time in between projects, to share their wisdom and personal genius with us.

Being SOULFUELED in life means CREATING a life aligned on all levels of your being and living life congruent to that higher expression of self. It means being the most authentic and fully expressed version of yourself. This is what I will personally continue to foster here through various forms.


to share in the lounge….
To step into courage and share with us your big vision, biggest challenge, or biggest goal for 2017 and how you will get there or what you struggle with.
This could be relationship, personal, health, business, $, education…whatever.

– Shoot and share a video in the lounge
– Share your vision board
-Share a before and after
-Share a heart felt post
-Share a selfie,where you live, and your personal story ….
-Share your biggest win or biggest fear
-Share your health goal
-Share your bucket list
-Share your why


Together, Through conscious design we form the quality of our spaces. Thank you ladies for bringing your energy to the space…now it’s time to feed it. Happy New Year!


Tamara Gold

This group is for holistically focused – multi-passionate women entrepreneurs focused on creating a thriving, more fulfilling and purposeful Life & Business.

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