For over 3 decades, I have been in the trenches working and training people to be the best of the best in professions such as: Health, Fitness, Corporate and Franchises Wellness, Sales, Service Providers, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Instructors, Leaders from various business pursuits and backgrounds.
One trend that many of the Conscious Leaders and Certified Holistic Health Coaches are seeing is an incredible increase Spiritual and Aspirational burn out….and many of these same women have seeking overload. 
Last month, I began a quest to survey over 700 women in the various communities I am a part of. Holistic, Health, Wellness, Service and Lifestyle professionals, advocates, distributors, practitioners, entrepreneurs, etc.
I was really quite surprised that still in 2017 many of the complaints and feedback that I received from women from this one question survey was simply this:
  • Burned out, unfocused, confused how to move forward and be able to make a difference and a living if they were already maxed out
  • Overwhelmed – no work life balance. Totally unfulfilled
  • Growing their solo business was just so hard and many thinking of returning to a 9-5 job because, they were tired of feeding Facebook ads, going broke trying to reach the people they wanted to serve and living behind a computer screen which was the opposite of the type of work they wanted to pursue.

So, as you can see many of these women have serious friction points, wear too many hats, and obviously have their heart in the right place. They want to uplevel their life but, they are all at max capacity.

So, I went to work putting together a 5 day live stream series. I knew each and every one of these women were missing critical links, habits, and constructs to help them uplevel their impact and learn how to work in a much, much, more efficient manner that would create congruence on many levels of their life/business.

Here is the 5 Day series and the topics I covered. Even though, I experienced a few technical issues the first 3 days; I can tell you this is an innovative and comprehensive life assessment and re-calibration  series that will help you find your blind spots and blocks to up leveling your life, success and income -guaranteed!

If you appreciate cutting edge neuroscience, holistic and ancient wisdom paired with practical- modern tools, you’ll totally appreciate this 5 Day Journey of personal discovery.
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I covered:
Day 1- ALIGNED ABUNDANCE – a complete and comprehensive life and purpose assessment protocol
Day 2 – IGNITING PURPOSE – the concrete drivers and cutting edge formula of fulfillment backed by neuroscience and psychology. 
Day 3 – MOBILIZING MINDSET– the specific types of blocks along with the powerful differentiation’s around limiting habits and beliefs that hold you back. If you cannot identify it you cannot mobilize it.  
Day 4 – THE POWER OF 5x FORMULA – ADVANCED MANIFESTING METRICS- Top character traits of conscious leaders and modern masters proven to increase meaning, performance, impact and income, as well as, advanced concepts to uplevel your constructs around manifesting saving you time, money, and energy as you work towards your goals and build your business/career.. 
Day 5 – ELEVATE & IGNITE – The exact recipe that you need to propel yourself to the next level in your career. How exactly to make the breakthroughs and ignite that calling and purpose deep within the soul.
I even have a viewers give-away running until June 20th with some fast acting bonuses as a thank you for taking the time and action to learn and level up.  Here is a link to the complete video series playlist on my FB business page: Courage Igniter Series 
If you want to move deeper into a discussion I do have a private group set up and each video posted in the support community here: 
Monday June 19th, 6pm CST – I will be Live streaming a hosting Q&A for those who want to go deeper with the information.
Tuesday June 20th, 6pm CST – I will be announcing the winners of the Life Purpose and Realignment Session ($500 value) and all the yummy book giveaways I mentioned through out the series.
XX-Tamara Gold
Founder of SoulFueled Academy, SoulFueled Healer, Soulfueled CEO
Master Instructor, Speaker, Holistic Life-Business Coach

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