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Are You…

  • On the same ‘ol hamster wheel of personal development?
  • Craving a change in your life or career yet never seem to be able to put the pieces together to create an actual breakthrough?
  • Obsessed with personal development?
  • Someone who is passionate about all things Mindbody, Mindset, Manifesting ?
  • Ready to move past the outdated SMART goal strategies, Wellness Wheels, Trendy Archetypal Quizzes and all of the Inaccurate Law of Attraction content that is constantly perpetuated on media as a needle moving tool or magical fix all; seriously just draining your time, energy and attention?
  • Obsessed with creating a more soulful and purposeful life or levels of success?
  • Looking for a tribe that feels like home and doesn’t put you in a spiritual box?
  • Committed to investing in yourself but also want to save thousands of dollars?
  • Ready to become the most FULLY EXPRESSED, confident and SOULFUELED version of yourself?
  • Ready to leave the shackles of your J.O.B. to finally follow your dreams, share your gifts, build your dream business, create change, help make the world a better place and need skilled-seasoned guidance with all the shortcuts and strategies you can get?
  • Someone who LOVES VIP treatment, spiritual a-ha’s, energy, intuitive or meditation experiences or explorations and seriously…just all things Mind, Body, Manifesting?

Well, Here It Is.


You’re invited to join the exclusive 


This is a soulfully driven woman’s dream virtual coaching experience

  • Where you can get VIP access to an all-new MEMBERS ONLY library of SoulFueled Woman audios, workshops, tapping – hypnosis recordings, guided energy explorations, MindScape and manifesting meditations, training’s, masterclasses, monthly coaching calls, courses and more.
  • Focus themes each month with implementation & coaching calls to create a rich interactive personal development experience that will bring you a 10x return on your investment.
  • access to a growing library of content, coaching calls and SoulFueled activating

Women are exhausted from all the random content floating around on the internet. The virtual all-you-can-eat buffet of personal development is the exact thing that puts most women into extreme content overwhelm. Learning tons of fragmented concepts without a clear outcome goal to work toward, a strategic process of integration, a proven process of success; tons of random information creates far too many open loopholes in the brain which feeds stress and anxiety. This type of content consumption erodes your energy, attention and confidence. Many women I’ve met, who are personal development junkies, tell me they feel overhelmed and as if they just keep repeating the same patterns even after investing thousands of dollars on transformational products and programs.

It’s time to break the cycle.

After spending over 30 years developing teams, professional and personal development training programs, taking a deep dive in the study neuroscience and human development,  studying and testing over 112 personal development & mind-body membership online offerings plus, my professional knowledge of the horrible completion rates of most digital programs and online educational programming; I decided to build a virtual experience that infuses the best strategies of personal – professional development, neuroscience, high performance and accelerated-immersion style learning with the affordability of a subscription service like Netflix, Amazon Prime; I create the SoulFueled Woman VIP Tribe digital HUB for all the SoulFueled MindBody, Mindset, Manifesting, Meditation, Money and Transformational Business things that will help you to actually learn, implement and grow in all areas of life.

 I’m a lifelong learner, maybe even a course junkie but, if you’re anything like me, learning and/or teaching is just like breathing. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on education and have achieved mastery in my life because I know how to take what I learn and apply it, implement it, tweak it, refine it and master it.  

Most of you study personal development to become more fully expressed, fulfilled and successful at what you love to do.

All the books, courses, ebooks, workbooks, workshops, programs and resources you invested in add up.. Many women I talk to say they’ve bought programs and even never finished or implemented them. However, for many driven women that does not deter your appetite to learn and grow more.

What was missing? 

Why spend all that money and never implement or do the work?

For many of you, it’s really because you crave and need a personal connection. You are driven by relationship, connection and community.

 As a seasoned Master Instructor, Certified Brain Coach and Practitioner I crave connection and community while learning too. So, I’ve created a SoulFueled solution for you, my friend! 

Instead of continually creating new content or training and offering it to the masses; I’ve designed a living breathing SoulFueled learning library and interactive experience. A HUB that grows in content and driven by its member’s feedback, needs, dreams, goals and desires. 30, 60 or 90 Focus themes, training’s, experiences and masterclasses to transform + expand key skills and areas of your life.

I created a VIP Tribe where you can access most SoulFueled Woman training’s, coaching, and resources for an INCREDIBLE LOW price. 

Right now, The SoulFueld Woman VIP Tribe is currently closed, please sign-up for our waitlist to receive update when our doors open again!

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MindBody, Mindset, Manifesting, Motivation,

Meditation & Money Mastery

The only ONLINE membership experience created for soulfully driven women

fusing cutting-edge science and spirituality help you actually create real results.

Created By, Tamara Gold

Master Life & NeuroSuccess Coach,

Master Instructor & Master Practitioner



Tamara!! The amount of a-has that I’ve had this week is -more than I’ve had my entire life!! I can feel things shifting and changing. Thank you so much for sharing so much of your knowledge and wisdom!! I’m pumped!!  I overcame the fear of how other people would respond to what I know I’m being called to do. Getting over that fear was so freeing. And I’m excited to learn and grow to see where this goes.

The mix of programming you’ve created has completely filled the gap of how I  set goals, wanting to make an impact and deciding what skills to focus on I was never able to put together a plan that actually worked.

Everything you offer -has all helped me take back my life. I was truly on the hamster wheel of life. My energy and motivation just dwindled. I’m back in the drivers seat!!!! I can now take on the world! 😉Thanks Tamara!!

Sarah French-Kruse

Owner – Potsitivities, Certified Holistic  Practitioner, Health Coach

I can say nothing but great things about Tamara’s SoulFueled Woman Program and coaching tools. I have undergone so many amazing transformations and very quickly. Tamara’s 1:1 sessions always leave me feeling calm, at peace and have allowed me to finally delve deep to clear the negative self-talk that has sabotaged my confidence, relationships, success and happiness-  all my life.


Working with Tamara, continually amazes me! I always learn something new about myself. Issues and patterns that might have otherwise stayed hidden which have really been the key piece in overcoming my chronic pain and weight issues. 

Through her hands-on healing sessions, programs and coaching, I have lost over 60 lbs, completely turned my life around, left the office job I hated with a plan and a clear strategy. I moved to Florida and started doing the work I LOVE again. I will continue to use her teachings and refer her work, to grow, and to help others as I have been helped myself.


Jojo DonavanIndependent Image Stylist

A friend of mine recommended Tamara’s programs to me. I was fascinated if this could help me overcome my personal and professional plateaus. So, I decided to go for it!
 I am more than glad I invested because, I can honestly say, “I have NEVER felt more alive. ” There is a feeling of power I have within I didn’t even know I had. I am so excited that I finally have a success formula -specific to me. This program has powerful manifesting constructs and catapulted my vision, business and opportunities.
It was the specific information I needed to transition in my career, connect my passions with a powerful message and the perfect approach for me to grow my own small business. I’ve never felt such inner fire. The program has completely inspired me to pursue speaking to empower young women and to go ahead and write a book like I’ve been dreaming about.
I already see a shift in my professional and personal life in just 21 days. Even my friends have said, “Dang Hillary you’re on fire -what did you do!!!”
Success is here to stay! I am so excited for what’s to come. I have a plan and I am ready and I have the perfect holistic coach to help me keep me aligned, clear, and on target.
Hillary Bartolone
Style Blogger & Licensed Massage Therapist

What’s inside the Tribe?

Content keeps expanding in the Tribe and there’s a sneak peek below…

and to keep you out of overwhelm and in action, we have themed content each month.

Meaning, we are creating a rich interactive experience that helps you learn, implement and achieve a specific outcome every 30, 60 or 90 days depending on content. Bite-size actionable steps with weekly interactive live support.

The SoulFueled Woman VIP Tribe Library includes all this and more…


  • SoulFueled CEO – Morning & Evening Rituals of Top Leaders & Influencers That Fuel Prosperity & Wealth 
  • Manifesting Accelerators & Gratitude Workbook
  • 21 Day Manifesting Journal
  • The SoulFueled Woman FLOW Ebook
  • The SoulFueled Blog Planner


  • Unlocking Your Gifts ( Learn How You Were Wired To Succeed)
  • Clearing Your Chakras ( How to Clear Your SubConscious Blocks  and Access Higher Levels of Intuition? )
  • Goal Crushing – How SoulFueled CEO’s do less and make more (Learn The Art of Essentialism and How To Involve Your Subconsious Mind In The Goal Achieving Process)
  • Mastery Your Energy ( Over Coming Burnout & Fatigue)
  • The SoulFueled CEO – Speak, Serve, Sell – 5 day Challenge 
  • The SoulFueled Woman Igniting Abundance – (Innovative Life Alignment, Mindset & Manifesting) – 5 Day Challenge 


  • Your Manifesting BluePrint
  • Desire & Intention 
  • The Secrets To Integrating Universal Laws and How To Apply Them To Actually Manifest
  • 111 Manifesting Experiments
  • 5 Step Envision Process

TAPPING  VIDEOS – Basic – Advanced Tapping Video Library

  • Tapping – Releasing Judgement and Hidden Patterns of Self-Sabotage
  • Tapping – Clearing Family Karmic Patterns
  • Tapping – Rapid Tapping Recipes For Stress, Anxiety & Pain
  • Tapping – Breaking Through Your Glass Ceiling – Clearing Poverty Consciousness, Debt & Shifting Your Money Ceiling
  • Tapping – Decoding Your Addictions
  • Tapping – Unstoppable Mom – Erasing the Guilt & Fear of motherhood
  • Tapping – Balancing Overwhelm & Ambition – Clearing blocks to  Success 
  • Tapping – Unlocking Your Super Powers – Secrets to Tapping Into Your Higher Mind To  Enhance Your Critical Thinking and Your Intuitive Faculties
  • Tapping – I AM ENOUGH – Healing Childhood Beliefs, Patterns and Programs
  • Tapping – Dismantling Cravings and the Drivers of Anti-Conscious Behavior


  • Prime Mind – Unlocking Your Unique Manifesting BluePrint
  • MindScape – Accelerating Success  
  • Manifest ANY Amount of Money
  • Grounding. Gratitude. Greatness – Accelerating Transformation 
  • Violet Flame
  • Clearing Karmic Patterns
  • Meeting Your Spirit Guides
  • Isochronic Brain Entrainment Audios for Focus, Concentration, Grounding and Pain Relief
  • Subliminal Money Clearing Audio
  • Sri Yantra – Super Intuitive 


  • I AM ENOUGH  (Deep Healing & Empowerment)


  • Manifesting Grids & Instructional Guide
  • Money Manifesting Blank Checks
  • Affirmations
  • Desktop Backgrounds



  • The SoulFueled CEO – Decoding Your Transformational Biz Guide
  • The 6 Figure Facebook Group Masterclass
  • The SoulFueled CEO – SPEAK, SERVE, SELL – Crafting Your Dream Client Attraction Masterclass
  • The SoulFueled CEO – Lucrative Messenger Bot Workinar – Build Your Bot Funnel Live in Real Time
  • The SoulFueled CEO – 5 Email Persuasion Templates
  • The SoulFueled CEO – Course Creation Templates
  • The SoulFueled CEO – Creating Your First Sales Funnel For Your Transformational Business, Workshops, etc. 



  • Starting 2019, VIP members will get access to 1 – LIVE group coaching call with Tamara Gold not available anywhere else
  • All coaching call recordings will live inside the Tribe
  • Bonus – Group BodyTalk Sessions


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