The SoulFueled Body Programs are all customized experiences driven by your unique needs. I do specialize, but not exclusive to, helping women with complex patterns of pain, injury, fatigue and suffering from poor performance in all aspects of life. Through my holistic integrative, whole brain & body, programming I decode the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual misaligments that feed your pain and dysfunctional patterns.

I continually study, implement and research the most cutting-edge pain science, neuroscience, advanced, integrative brain-body modalities besides immersing myself into the science and psychology of holistic, neuro-based coaching methodology’s.

This approach developed over time and helps me to deliver truly holistic programming that treats the whole person not just a singular pattern, symptom or ailment. Throughout my career, I’ve developed a reputation for being the go to practitioner to resolve complex and stubborn issues within the body. The “practitioners practitioner” or the “teachers – teacher”. I am an integrative specialist that delivers results when your existing treatments, therapy and programs have failed.


Are the SoulFueled Programs right for you?

My passion and mission is to help [people live life fully, to BE the best version of themselves utilizing cutting-edge neuroscience, neuro-physiology and body-mind consciousness. 

Despite the individual services and teachings I offer; Ultimately, I customize programs for people from all walks of life. Each program is customize to address the unique concerns – symptoms of each individual, and their healing priorities. I enhance the therapeutic process by utilizing advanced exploratory assessments to determined the priorities in your healing plan. 

I guarantee that you can achieve deep levels of healing and radical shifts in just a few sessions with me.

You certainly can achieve long-lasting transformation within 4-12 weeks depending on the program and pace you want to work at, your unique set of symptoms and the level of transformation you wish to achieve.

For convenience, I offer many of my programs and training online, at a distance or in one of my locations in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.



Approximately 76.2 million, 1 in every 4 Americans, have suffered from pain that lasts longer than 24 hours and millions more suffer from acute pain. Chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disability.

Modern science is finally validating that not all chronic pain is fueled just by physical factors or conditions, that there are psychosomatic factors that can create and drive pain. Neuroscience, neuro-physiology and many advanced holistic healing practices embrace and harness the power of the body – mind coherence and connection as part of a  healing and performance program.

Harvard geneticists and psychologists have proven prolonged stress, lack of mental and emotional fitness, nurturing, even epigenetic factors and reoccuring negative life experiences, and environmental factors have a profound, systemic effect on our DNA, nervous system which can trigger chronic pain with no diagnosed source, diseases like cancer, auto-immune disease, distress, and inflammation that consumes your life with symptoms expresses on all levels of our mind, body, psyche, soul.

This is a brain-body based program used to address stubborn chronic pain, smuscle & connective tissue, dysfunctional movement patterns from injury, surgery & trauma.

Combining Functional Neurology, Complex Movement, Bioelectricity, Advanced Myo-skeletal, Orthopedic Massage, Chinese Medicine, BodyTalk and Integrated Medicine into a comprehensive system that treats people as a whole, rather than individual parts. Bringing a whole new perspective to Holistic Health for the 21st Century.

This proven approach to treating soft-tissue pain and movement dysfunction goes deeper into the inner workings of the body and looks at the communication between some of the more complex structures and systems that can cause movement related problems and be involved in chronic pain. 

This 6 session program is designed to help people who are struggling with chronic back, spine, shoulder, hip and pelvic pain patterns. Common causes of injury are:

Whiplash – Trauma
Motor Vehicle, Sports Injury
Spinal issues – Disc Injury, Scoliosis, etc. 
Overuse and manual based labor
Laparoscopy, laparotomy
Childbirth, D&C, LEEP, C-section, hysterectomy, painful periods
Chronic Pain Conditions – Fibromyalgia

Program includes 6 sessions scheduled 90 mins 1x weekly for 6 weeks. I provide programming at my Huntley and Grayslake locations. When you purchase your program, you are booking your initial session of six.



Tamara Gold

Master Instructor – Master Practitioner – Master Coach

Tamara’s professional credentials include B.S. Holistic Nutrition, ICF Certified NeuroSuccess Coach with 6 specializations in Health, Spirituality, Relationships, Entrepreneurship, Education, Leadership, Certified Master Life & Small Business Coach.

Licensure in Massage Therapy (IL) since, “89, ISBE Approved Educator, NCBTMB Approved Provider.

The amalgamation of training & certifications over the past 33 years include the highest levels of Advanced Certification and Course Mastery. Adv. Myo-Skeletal, Myofascial, Structural Integration, Orthopedic-Medical-Sports Massage, Mercier Pelvic Therapy,   Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Applied Movement Neurology, Fascial Stretching, Cupping, IASTM, Functional & Human Movement Therapy, Corrective Exercise, NeuroKinetic Based Therapies as well as Adv. Breath Meditation, QiGong, BodyTalk, AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Balancing & Meditation and EFT.

Tamara’s professional career spans over three decades and includes clinical, management, consulting, academic, national curriculum development for national fitness – massage franchises, professional development training, performance and conditioning, as well as ownership roles.

She has a deep passion for learning and her professional interests lie in continued exploration of neuro-based holistic medicine, combing holistic with modern technology, pain science and neuroscience to be able to provide a unqiue level  of integrative innovative therapy, health and wellness personal & professional development that facilitate the growth for my clients and colleagues. Tamara  regularly trains, speaks and presents to health-wellness professionals nationally.



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