Activate Your Brilliance, STRENGTHEN YOUR MINDSET,


Embody Your Sacred Gifts & Purpose & MASTER HOW YOU MANIFEST

 Abundance  IN YOUR LIFE.

Welcome to The SoulFueled Woman Personal Mastery Program


In this unique 8-week intensive experience, I fuse the best of brain and body transformation science to help you reveal exactly what’s holding you back in life, all the misalignments you re-enforce, why you’re not achieving the goals you set despite all the programs you’ve tried, how to actually create the results and shifts you want. You’ll recognize how your specific gifts and passions can create a profound impact in your life and the world around you.

Your customized reading and my step-by-step guidance will align and harness your divine assets to radically transform even the most resistant negative karmic patterns and subconscious patterns that are showing up in your life.

Are you ready to clear away the fog of frustration and confusion?

To align and harness your divine assets?

To discover a lasting transformation?


Here’s how the SoulFueled Woman Akashic Immersion VIP experience will change your life:

  • Relationships will improve.

  • Your health will shift.

  • Your career trajectory will become clear.

  • Past fears and failures will lose their hold on you.

  • Dissolve self-worth and lack mentality.

Enrollment Expires In:









Who Is This Experience For?

You secretly struggle with impostor syndrome, the sensation that you are not enough or don’t deserve success or happiness.

You feel like you’re always missing the mark or still feel unfulfilled despite all of your achievements and outward success.

You simply are ready to reach a new level in your personal, professional or financial goals.

You’re ready to release any old baggage weighing you down and want to create your best year ever.

This program is for you.

Program Overview


Over the course of this 60-day experience, using cutting-edge neuroscience, proven transformational process, energy psychology and the best body-mind tools,  I will help you fuel your own insights and transformation while providing you a step-by-step path to absolute clarity.

I will guide you through a weekly alignment and implementation lesson, mini-challenges, videos, journal prompts and more. Each module is designed to build on one another moving you through a structured and proven process to facilitate results along with deeper levels of self-navigation, healing and success to bring to life the key experiences you crave for 2019.


The 8-week Personal Mastery Program Starts Online May 1st 2019


Here are the details of this awesome experience:

        • Receive a customized Soul Realignment Soul Profile  This will be one of the most eye-opening and validating pieces of information you receive and set you up for complete success and alignment.
        • Receive weekly group BodyTalk clearing sessions. A body-mind consciousness tool to uncover the elements feeding imbalance and inner resistance.
        • Receive a custom 21-day clearing assignment so that you have a precise action plan to help you achieve alignment \ and actualization related to your specific goals.
        • Access to 8 Live alignment and integration training calls so that you understand exactly how to accelerate your results, manifest deep purpose, attract effortlessly, and appreciate what traits help you to succeed.
        • Access to 8 Live tapping and energy activation meditation experiences that use brain science, energy psychology, energy meditations and body-mind consciousness based techniques used by top performers, leaders, pro-athletes and Olympians to shift the resistance, procrastination, fear, and subconscious blocks you have to living a purpose-driven life.

When you enroll today, you receive instant access to:

You Soul Profile Intake forms to get your reading results underway and access  to the secret Facebook group where you will find the Solar Sound Spectrum Audio library. It’s loaded with these brain-balancing, goal-crushing, self-sabotage-busting and manifesting audios: 

  • Subliminal Money Clearing
  • Isochronic Chakra Balancing
  • Binural Pineal Gland Activation For Manifesting & Activating A Bigger Vision 40 Hz
  • Binaural Audio for Sleep 4-8 HZ
  • Pain Relief Audio 5 & 10 HZ
  • Focus, Concentration, Intuition Enhancement Audio 20HZ 





“Tamara holds space in a way that makes the impossible possible”

“WOW, you know me, get me, read my mind, know my struggles. Since this program, everyone is coming up to me and asking what I am doing.” Hillary

Coach Insight: This comes from CLARITY and helping people connect to what they REALLY want instead of what they think they want. This program gets you clear and cuts through your emotional baggage and inner resistance especially when you are seeking more purpose and professional success.



“SERIOUSLY, I cannot believe what you tapped into. You opened my eyes to something I never connected to before, these patterns of resistance totally makes sense! You are never going to believe what what I did, sold my home, quit my soul sucking job, lost over 60 lbs and moving to Florida!” Jolanda

Coach Insight:  This comes, from my structured approach and ABILITY to tap into and reveal the hidden roots to a clients symptom and action patterns. Fundamentally, we uproot what the client is suppressing, doing and re-enforcing or what they are resisting and refusing to deal with. This process decodes what exactly creates their biggest struggles & pain points whether it’s weight, money, career, relationship or purpose.

“UNBELIEVABLE, this is huge, I never really sat with how much and how long this my blocks have taken a toll on me and what that has cost me personally, professionally and financially. You’re a genius Tamara!”  Sarah

Coach Insight:  This comes from COMPASSIONATE presence, holding safe and sacred space for awareness, acceptance, pain, confusion, frustration and anger to surface for release. Acknowledging the emotional resistance from years of turmoil or generational conditioning is powerful. Recognizing how these learned patterns have infused all areas of life, love and success gives you the precise knowledge of what you must be cleared, change and in what order. Then, by taking precise aligned action, understanding your unique gifts and set of subconscious blocks we now have the fuel to create rapid, even generational, karmic shifts.

Why am I offering this now?

Because I’ve seen so many talented and successful women really struggle with:


  • Really struggle with what to do, how to do it and the next steps to take after a transformational reading, session or mini-program
  • Running from solution to solution, guru to guru, and one fake promise to the next, all without seeing results.
  • Feeling burned out and insignificant or ineffective at what they love doing.
  • Craving transition from a job that once fulfilled them, but is now sucking the life out of them.
  • Having a hard time leveling up.
  • Riddled with thoughts of perfectionism, criticism, or fear that they are not good enough.
  • Dysfunctional relationships and partnerships.
  • Difficult family or personal negative karmic patterns.
  • Finding answers or figuring out their purpose.
  • Craving a more aligned and fulfilling life.

I believe that you are one of a kind, and so is this program.


Here is why you should enroll right now. 

Because in just a few short days, you will bask in the knowledge of your own personal mastery formula and know exactly how and why you are so special.    Before you know it, you will be making moves and creating shifts that will light your SOUL ON FIRE!





Week #1 – Soul Realignment & Clearing Work Begins

Learn how to harness your power and vital life force through sacred soul profile. Your deepest levels of healing, realignment, awareness and self actualization start here. Realign to your greatest energy supply, understand how to tap into vital life force while honoring your body.


Week 1 Live Alignment Call & Activation

  • Deconstructing Your Soul Profile & How To Implement Your Gifts Into Your Daily Life for Alignment & Abundance Activation.
  • CLARITY Envisioning Experience – Unlocking What’s Holding You Back.
  • Clearing Poverty Consciousness.

Week #2 – Clearing Inner Resistance

This week we take a deep dive and begin clearing the subconscious patterns of inner resistance, self-sabotage and karmic blocks to feeling empowered, clear and bold. Learn how to work with higher levels of the mind to accelerate performance and health.  

Build your capacity to heal, manifest and change by aligning to your soul blueprint, energy and actions.. Learn the secret to clearing generations of negative patterns family karma. Deepen your trust and ability to flow and co-create the life you crave.


Week 2 Live Alignment Call & Activation

  • Deconstructing Tribal & Epigenetic Patterns That Drive Self-Sabotage & The Deepest Inner Resistance. 
  • Abundance Threshold Tapping Re-calibration.
  • Chakra Clearing Activation.



Week #3 – Karmic Recalibration -Synchronicity

Don’t fret over this idea that you are bound to suffer negative karmic patterns. Build your understanding of how you create positive karmic experiences and overcome self-sabotage once and for all. Deepen your relationship with your higher self, your intuition and your intentions. Discover how to co-create with the world around you using your personal power and energy centers.

As you continue into your last week of clearing work you will discover, nurture and learn how to harness the power of your sacred innate gifts!


Week 3 Live Alignment Call & Activation

  • Deconstructing Goal Trauma & Understanding The Core Disciplines Of Manifesting Experiences You Crave.
  • Form Over-whelmed to Aligned Tapping Re-calibration.
  •   Karmic Clearing Meditation & Energy Activation.

Week #4 – Karmic Mastery

Choices vs. Lessons

Learn to consistently embody the actions, emotions and elements that create positive polarity and magnetize abundant opportunities to you using your manifesting blueprint. You will not be making vision boards, writing blank checks or 100s of affirmations. These are the least effective elements to creating change and karmic mastery. Instead. learn how to work with the power of your psyche to override negative programming in the subconscious and to consciously connect to your higher mind.  Understand the skills that allow you to embody your highest most aligned gift-expression while creating the energy, intentions and actions that unlock SoulFueled success!


Week 4 Live Alignment Call & Activation

  • Deconstructing The Impostor Syndrome.
  • Confidence & Inner Worth Tapping Recalibration. 
  • Heart Activation Meditation. 



Week #5 – Eco-Consciousness

The person who sees from a higher vantage point makes very different choices that the person who is stuck in their stories, habits and patterns. This is a critical turning point in your transformational journey. As we acknowledge our healing challenges, experience a new mental and emotional set point we may discover that we need more time or tools to move through life long patterns of resistance. Using a potent neuroscience and eco-consciousness based techniques, I teach you a way to change your perspective and how to work around your biggest blocks to maintain forward healing momentum. Learn to cultivate your SUPER POWERS and find your north start. Easily understand how you are designed to magnetize your desired experiences and how manage the curve balls life can throw at you with more confidence and clarity.


Week 5 Live Alignment Call & Activation

  • Action & Integration Week – Q & A.
  • Carl Jung brought to light the power of divinity and symbolism in nature a.k.a. eco-psychology and active imagination. Experience the power of these two concepts together to create a powerful new point of view during an In-Visioning ® Meditation.

Week #6 – Big Vision – Goals with Soul

This is the week we craft your big vision and create your goals with soul, and the action ladder that leads to actualization.


Week 6 Live Alignment Call & Activation

  • Action Ladder of Transformation & 90 Day Blueprinting Exercises To Bring Your Goals with Soul To Life.
  • MindScape Meditation.
  • Manifesting Energy Activation.



Week #7 – Aligning Your Big Vision & Your Primary Gifts

It’s time to really embody the concepts that help you to bring to life your highest soul expression. It’s time to anchor your big vision with your most divine gifts. You will learn simple strategies and visualization tools to align your gifts, maintain the energy and momentum to supercharge your goals and magnetize your dreams.


Week 7 Live Alignment Call & Activation

  • The Spiral – Managing Self-Sabotage & Procrastination as You Level Up.
  • Backwards Spiral Tapping Re-calibration.
  • Goal & Chakra Alignement Energy Activation.

Week #8 – Embodiment & Flow

Learn how to strengthen boundaries, drive and devotion to consistently feel lit up, aka SOULFUELED, connected to spirit and in flow with your gifts, goals, dreams and desires. You and your dedication & devotion are the keys to your next level embodiment of wild & soulful success.


Week 8 Live Alginment Call & Activation

  • Wrap Up and Level Up.
  • 7 Layers of Goal Alignment . 
  • Triple Manifestor Meditation Activation.


APRIL 1ST, 2019

Enhance the power of your intuitive mind. Master your energy for healing, life navigation and manifestation.

 For those who qualify for the bonus, 4 hour online

AumaKhua-Ki (R) Chakra Balancing Masterclass will be conducted on week 3 of the program.











      • Customized Advanced Soul Realignment Akashic Reading
      • Comprehensive Soul Story report
      • Live 60 min. Akashic Overview Coaching Call
      • Negative Karmic Pattern 21 Day Clearing Action Plan
      • 8 Live – Integration Training
      • 8 Live – Tapping – Energy Activation – Meditation Experiences
      • Financial Alignment Reading for you 2019 Financial Goal
      • Property Clearing
      • 1 Live Interactive Group BodyTalk BioEnergetic Clearing Session
      • Your Choice of 1 ORACLE READING or Private Bodytalk BioEnergetic Session via  zoom or remote session
      • Secret Facebook Support Group
      • SOULFUELED WOMAN LIVE EVENT TICKET –  May 19th Grayslake, Il

    6 Pay @ $397.00 


    • Customized Advanced Soul Realignment Akashic Reading
    • Comprehensive Soul Story report
    • Live 60 min. Akashic Overview Coaching Call
    • Negative Karmic Pattern 21 Day Clearing Action Plan
    • 8 Live – Integration Training
    • 8 Live – Tapping – Energy Activation – Meditation Experiences
    • Financial Alignment Reading for you 2019 Financial Goal
    • Property Clearing
    • 1 Interactive Channeled Oracle Readings via zoom (week 4 )
    • 1 Live Interactive Group BodyTalk BioEnergetic Clearing Session
    • 1 Private Bodytalk BioEnergetic Clearing Session – Your choice via remote with recording,  zoom or in-person at Grayslake or Huntley, Il studio.
    • Secret Facebook Support Group
    • 2 extra Live VIP Bonus Tapping Experiences Week 10 & 12 – Extending Your Program From 8 To 12 week
    • SOULFUELED WOMAN LIVE EVENT TICKET –  May 19th Grayslake, Il 
    •  VIP GROUP Live Channeled Angel Reading Gallery

    Best Value – $1997.00 


    BONUS #1 $497 Value

    Guest Expert – Dameon Keller

    A published author, certified sound and recording engineer & Vibrational Healing Expert, Developer of the Isochronic Sound Meditations will spend a live interactive session with us sharing the fascinating benefits, stories, case studies and science that will deepen your understanding of the power of Psycho-acoutic sound practices.

    For thousands of years, sound has been widely used for spiritual practice, in healing work, worship and meditation. Psycho-acoustics is a new field of scientific inquiry devoted to the study of sound and the range of psychological and physiological responses that occur in human beings when exposed to sound, whether music or speech. Meditaiton audios created with isochronic tones or binaural beats create brainwave entrainment and increased coherence between the brain and body. An increased state of coherence can give you access to better health, both physically and mentally. 


    BONUS #2 $497 Value

    Goals with Soul Masterclass with Tamara Gold

    Psychological Fact: If you don’t change at the level of identify of your beliefs about yourself and your abilities, then you won’t be able to achieve the kind of success you want. 

    This masterclass is for people who have goals and a vision for the life they want but are too stuck in their heads. Tamara teaches you how you bring your goals to life rapidly,how to move through inner resistance and how to use the power of Neuroscience, Neuropsychology and Akashic Gifts Expression to create SouLFueled goals and a vision that foster life alignment, high performance and fulfillment.

    BONUS #3 $1997 Value

    Guest Expert – Valerie Wood 

    Internationally known, clear and gifted channel for Archangel Michael, a medium and an ordained minister. She is a bridge that allows Archangel Michael as well as other Archangels, your guardian angels, guides and loved ones to communicate their love, guidance, compassion & gentle humor to others.

    Seeing her first angel at the age of 21 sent her on a spiritual journey that changed her life forever. Valerie has also been a radio co-host for the All About You Show on Wrmn 1410, as well as a monthly guest on the Karen & Denise Show. Her channeling’s “Conversations with Archangel Michael” appeared monthly in the e-magazine Cosmic Lighthouse. Angels are here to guide us in all areas of life including relationships, work, love, and money. Their wisdom is one that is always available to us; all we need to do is ask. What are you waiting for?

    Valerie is the Embodiment of LOVE! I cannot wait for you to meet her as she takes us on an angelic journey of connection and insights. If you are a VIP then you will get to connect with Valerie in a LIVE group experience May 19th.


    BONUS #3 $2997 Value

    Woman LIVE 1 Full Day Transformation Retreat for All Participants in GRAYSLAKE, IL

    Event will be conducted at LoveLight Healing Center unless we exceed capacity. If necessary, we have enough participation event will be moved to a private lake house.

    Due to the planning of food, guests, etc there will be a $50 Registration Fee to commit to the LIVE event and hold your spot. Sent after enrollment.

    You will experience deeper levels of transformation, a-ha’s and life navigation in this 1 Day LIVE Event.

    I will guide you through advanced healing, empowering and manifesting experiences so powerful and an energy experience so tangible you will leave – FOREVER Transformed.

    Event Itinerary & Details

    Guest Speakers, Event Immersions and Details are in TBA. 

    Here is the itinerary for the EVENT:

    8:30am – 9:00am – Attendee Arrival and Check-In
    9:00am – 10:30am – Unlocking Your Vital Life Force
    10:30am – 11:00am – Break 
    11:00am – 12:00pm – Yin Yoga for Balancing Chakras
    12:00pm – 2:00pm – Lunch
    2:00pm – 3:30pm – Breaking Through Patterns 
    3:30pm – 3:45pm – Break 
    3:45pm – 5:30pm – Closing Energy Activation & Manifesting Meditation

    VIP BONUS #1 $1997 Value

    Activating Abundance – A SoulFueled Approach To Tapping Into More Wealth & Prosperity

    2 Live Interactive Programs

    Students who sign up for The SoulFueled Woman Akashic Immersion by April 1st by 11:59pm CST will also receive “Activating Abundance A MindBody Approach To Tapping Into More Wealth & Prosperity” program designed by Tamara to help you release blocks at each level of consciousness and the resistance around your top 5 most limiting beliefs around money, wealth and abundance.

    Tamara will show you clinically proven ways to remove negative subconscious and energetic patterns within the mind and how these patterns are the root of your financial issues and how they affect every other area of your life! 

    Experience the precision of a Master Teacher, Master Practitioner, NeuroSuccess Coach & Certified EFT Practitioner as  she guides you through the friction and emotional baggage holding you back in life.  Utilizing advanced techniques so powerful and creating an energetic experience so tangible you will finish these training’s –  CHANGED & TRANSFORMED! 

    This framework will be a powerful self-care tool to help you anytime you need to shift fear, anxiety and inaction around change, money issues and more.

    More Bonuses To Come!



    Tamara is a spiritual teacher, integrative therapist, gifted intuitive, highly skilled and experienced Certified Master Life, Small Business Coach specialized in Neuroscience based coaching applications with 6 specializations. Throughout her career, she has mentored and coached over 25k top performers in the health and fitness fields, holistic professionals and a diverse background of women for 33 years.  She is particularly adept at sensing physical, energetic and emotional patterns of the mind-body complex associated to pain, injury, emotional holding or trauma. She has a uniquely intuitive and masterful level of claircognizance – clairsentience that she has refined with her advanced and rigorous psychic – intuitive development training. She utilizes proven and highly effective cutting-edge BioEnergetic, Intuitive & Neuro based constructs to deliver potent levels of transformation.

    Have more questions? Read our F.A.Q. below.

    What is an Soul Profile and how will this program help me?

    The Akashic Records are the energetic records that help you to discover your personal soul profile, SOUL LEVEL laws for tapping into your vital life force channel and manifesting. Most people approach energy work, manifesting and unique life design haphazardly. Constantly trying to figure out their personal mastery and manifesting puzzle while implementing random bits and pieces of “law of attraction” rituals together. You know filling out blank checks, writing out 100s of affirmations, as well as, other random and piecemeal strategies.

    Often, I hear women express frustration and say, “Why can’t I breakthrough or Why doesn’t this manifesting stuff work for me?”

    Here’s why.
    1 ) You have your own unique design for personal mastery and manifesting, a unique Soul Expression and Manifesting Blueprint just to list a few.

    2) You cannot manipulate or utilize 1 universal law (L.O.A) and ignore the other governing 11 laws nor the archetype of your conscious, subconscious, super conscious mind.

    3) The energy of your intentions matters.

    It’s that simple. Understanding these three components, how to integrate them into your life and align your choices to your highest divine design is just the tip of the surface. It is how you accelerate your manifesting capabilities, unlock flow and enhance fulfilment. Most people don’t understand the essential components of their very own manifesting code and how to implement them into their life or career.

    This is where I come in.

    Utilizing the most valuable resource, your Akashic Records, your soul profile, the Advanced Soul Realignment system for access + advanced neuro-based strategies and proven neuro-based coaching progressions, body-mind consciousness mapping and the SoulFueled Woman FLOW framework; I will help you understand precisely what you need to do to create powerful lasting shifts and transformation. How to implement your unique soul profile into all you do to unlock and accelerate your manifesting results.

    What If I do not have a Facebook account?

    The private Facebook group will embody many precious pieces to enrich the program such as:

    • Group interaction
    • Sound audios
    • Daily lessons and intuitive enrichment activities
    • Livestreams
    • Accountability partner match-up

    If you are not interested in the Facebook component and just want the links for zoom calls and meditations just be sure to let us know so we can put you on our offline listing.

    P.S. You can always create a temporary profile with alternative name but, let us know so we can add you.

    What is the refund policy?

    Due to the nature of this program, there is a no refund policy. There is a significant about of time investment made to generate your personalized reading and coaching profile. There simply is no other transformational or manifesting mastery program like this out there. This level of programming and coaching guides you through transformation and integration for 8 weeks. If life gets busy and you find yourself unable to participate in the daily activities, no worries. There will be a members area for you to access content and recordings after the program ends. 

    Any further questions please direct them to Tamara at:



    What if I want to use my PayPal credit account for purchase to take advantage their 0% financing offer?

    Our secure checkout process is linked to paypal. When you are selecting payment type just select Paypal as the payment source. If you get confused or have any issues linking to your Paypal account at checkout just send us and email at: and we will generate a direct invoice for you.

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