Tamara Gold is a Chicago area wellness expert, certified speaker, thought leader and influencer. A multi-faceted coach, certified Neuro Coach specialized in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Education, Relationship, Spirituality, Health, mind-body master instructor, medical intuitive, master practitioner in advanced neuromuscular, applied movement neurology & myoskeletal therapies, somatic energy healing, BodyTalk, and seasoned workshop facilitator with 33 years of experience. In her engaging and interactive workshops and keynotes, participants learn cutting-edge mind-body centered strategies to be healthy, resilient leaders and entrepreneurs. Tamara is an infinite well of wisdom. She can customize and deliver content that speaks specifically to the needs of any audience. She’s presented MBSR to rooms full of veterans, healthcare, fitness, industry executives, moms, women leaders & entrepreneurs from all around the world.  A gifted intuitive and communicator, Tamara shares MBSR, Neuroscience, while channeling intuitive insights precise mind-body rewirements™, in real-time, for audiences members.

“It’s magical what I just witnessed, Tamara channeling messages, and pairing them with precision coaching. This event this afternoon was an experience filled with incredibly healing information and bonding moments amongst so many different people, friends, loved ones, even a group of team members. She brought a room of 37 people to tears. I feel so energized and still just so blown away.  Thank you.” -Elaine Fisher

As a former GM for multiple multi-million dollar fitness franchises units, previous lead instructor, a curriculum developer for two leading national professional massage training franchises, Tamara has led thousands of service-based professionals, entrepreneurs and sales teams to discover:

  • untapped potential, unique genius, and contribution within a team
  • their deep core values and purpose to intrinsically fuel and motivate them to achieve challenging goals
  • define and achieve aligned success
  • purpose-driven profitability
  • personal strategies to effectively cope with chronic stress and optimize sleep quality, health, and energy management to prevent burnout, brain fog, and fatigue

Tamara is available to speak on subjects such as:

  • mindfulness-based stress relief
  • holistic high performance
  • mind-body centered living and leadership
  • Chronic pain and burnout prevention
  • Purpose-driven mindset and entrepreneurship
  • Intuition, meditation, mindfulness strategies for faster problem-solving.

Presentations, podcasts, and interviews can be conducted via zoom or in-person – one hour, two hours, or half-day.

Customized events available – lunch and learn, full-day team immersions, retreats, intensives, guest expert for an online summit or team performance, and training series.

All workshops and keynotes can be tailored to suit your organization’s specific needs.


“Tamara is a magnetic thought leader, electric keynote, definitely a high-octane, interactive, educational, incredibly engaging, moving dynamic speaker.”  Chantelle    
Tamara has delivered literally-1000’s of lectures, training and presentations, trained hundreds of wellness leaders, high performing sales – service teams and is a former award-winning, featured host, on Intention Radio International Podcast. She is now ramping up to launch a fresh podcast in 2020 sharing her own form of Mind-Body centered living and leadership… Coming soon! Tamara thrives on helping others achieve their highest levels of personal and professional excellence, purpose and vitality.  With 33 years of success as master instructor, practitioner, leader, coach and curriculum adviser with equal experience building multi-million dollar franchise units, high performing teams, conducting thousands of 1:1 coaching and private high-performance bodywork sessions, teaching advanced mind-body, neuro based strategies, holistic living and leadership, neuroscience, mindfulness, holistic & NLP based principles and technologies; makes her a natural at speaking, teaching, immersing and engaging her audiences as she shares her deep insights fully into any topic she is sharing for maximum impact and enrichment.


Tamara is a Certified Centre Stage Speaker, seasoned master trainer, and instructor, her dynamic keynotes are a result of a high degree of training and experience in public speaking, leadership, neuro coaching, fitness, wellness, holistic lifestyle teaching, and podcasting. 

Tamara love’s to teach team, leadership, and entrepreneurs how to tap into their strengths, 10x their own unique gift expressions and how to achieve performance excellence using a brain-body centered, conscious and intuitive leadership approach. 

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