Tamara Gold is a mindbody training expert, neuro-coach, speaker and workshop facilitator based in Chicago Northwest Suburbs. In her engaging and interactive workshops and keynotes, participants learn about mindful living, cutting-edge stress reduction, emotional intelligence and how to cultivate more resilience, focus and fulfilment.

One of Chicago’s leading 24 fitness franchises created a GM training program modeled after her personal style of leadership and mentorship, Tamara has lead thousands of professionals and sales teams to unlock their potential, performance, achieve great success and profitability by teaching people how to create a SoulFueled and heart-centered connection.  

Presentations can be in person – one hour, two hours, half day, lunch and learn, full day or retreat’s – intensive, part of an online summit or team performance and training series. Workshops and keynotes can be tailored to suit your organisation’s specific needs.

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Tamara is a magnetic keynote, definately a high-octain, interactive, educational and inspirational certified speaker.                 She has delivered literally-1000’s of lectures, training’s and presentations. Was a featured host on Intention Radio International Podcast and she is now ramping up to share her own form of Mind-Body Wisdom called the SoulFueled Woman podcast. Tamara thrives on helping others achieve their highest levels of personal and professional excellence, life alignment and vitality.  Her experience with teaching advanced mind-body, neurobased methodologies, holistic nutrition, neuroscience, mindfulness, holistic & NLP based principles and technologies; having been a master instructor, practitioner, leader, coach and curriculum adviser for 3 decades makes her a natural at speaking, teaching, immersing and engaging her audiences fully into any topic she is sharing for maximum impact and enrichment.


Tamara is an Certified Centre Stage Speaker with Chantelle Adams as a result of a high degree of training and experience in public speaking, fitness, wellness and holsitic lifestyle teaching and podcasting. 

Tamara love’s to teach people how to tap into their strengths, expand their own gifts and how to achieve performance excellence using a psyche meets the soul approach. 


Tamara is passionate about the health and wellness of ambitious women, our service, leadership, and first responder community. The burn out and attrition rates for women are mind-numbing. We lose decades of talent and skill to poor health, mental and physical burnout in our employees, care givers, service providers and leaders. 

Under her leadership, Tamara cultivated the lowest attrition rates, record breaking sales and service,  while running multi-million dollar health-fitness franchises in the Chicago area and trains people from many professions and walks of life, beginner through advanced, neuro-based mind-body strategies and workshops to manage stress and performance holistically.

She is highly trained and effective at taking complex holistic techniques and concepts then boiling them down into easy and actionable step-by-step processes that creates lasting shifts, completely inspires and empowers individuals to continue to implement the work and facilitates deep and meaningful real-time healing experiences.  

As former national franchise executive, award winning professional development, sales and service lead instructor, high performance coach in the health, fitness and wellness sectors; Tamara understands intimately the demands of the service and lifestyle industry on it’s employees, leaders, and executives. 

Tamara Gold, ICF Certified Neuro-Coach specialized in 6 disciplines: Leadership, Education, Health, Relationships, Spirituality, Education,




This event has been shared with sales teams, health and wellness professionals, rooms of students, leaders, executives and even customized for groups of Veterans with PTSD.

Participants walk away with, scientifically validated, information to better address the stress and emotions that keep you stuck and under performing.

  • a comprehensive self-care strategy to effectively manage extreme stress, pain, and performance blocks
  • a self-care tool to increase emotional intelligence, performance excellence, better focus and habits in less time
  • strategies to tap into the higher mind for increased problem solving, critical thinking, attention and focus.



Lunch and Learn

Cost:  $1000 plus travel expenses

This highly interactive lunch equips your team with 3 cutting edge stress busting strategies intended to boost critical thinking, decision making skills, and resiliency. In 60 -90 minutes your team will walk away fully equipped to combat the effects of stress and burnout.

Keynotes & Half Day Intensives

Cost:  $2500 plus travel expenses

Fully customizable half day event is a great option for our Mindset mastery or SoulFueled CEO Series. This is built to suit your teams needs. This half day immersion training will equip your team with critical emotional intellegence and performance enhancing tools. This is a highly interactive experience to support the longevity of your leaders and team members.


The SoulFueled CEO Retreats & VIP Masterminds

Cost:  Start at $3500 per person for 3 days, 3 nights.  This is a customized event for teams 4-30

These exclusive experiences are to recharge, feed and fuel the heart, soul, purpose, and performance of your team.

Your team will be completely immersed in cutting edge mindbody experiences to help them develop the inner technology and mental constructs to 10 x performance, creativity, emotional intellengece and more.

This event fosters a deep sense of life purpose, team bonding, and complete re-calibrates your team members energy on all level of mind, body, and soul.



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