Wanted – #Soulmate Clients Only

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I am attracting #soulmateclientsonly!!

I don’t know about you but, this is a mantra you serious need to adopt in your business. Any client who isn’t a HELL YES! – all in kind of client…is not a vibrational match. When you work in flow and connected to your highest and best, in all areas of life, I believe that there are people we are just MEANT to connect with.

These connections are critical to help you ELEVATE each other.

I encourage you to look deeply into what areas of your life and business are not producing a HELL YES kind of response. Start digging and look where there are vibrational mis-alignments in what you do or sell.

I see this a lot in small business. Women trying to build businesses around products and ideas they are not in vibrationally – soul level kind of alignment with or passionate about.

These are the most common mis-alignments I see on the daily pushed around by direct sales and small business women on FB:

*You cannot sell a financial freedom dream – if you have not achieved it.
*You cannot sell a 6-7 figure lifestyle – if you’ve never lived it or achieved it.
*You cannot sell massive weight loss – if you have not achieved massive weight loss in your life.
*You cannot sell yourself as an expert – if indeed you have not achieved a level of experience and expertise in your area. I see this in branding, marketing and small business far too often online. Some very popular “experts”(dear Jesus) who never ran big companies or simply achieved consistent success prior to labeling themselves experts. This is rampant in branding and digital areas. (shoot me now) and their products are an accumulation of other peoples expertise (without credit I might add). These pseudo-experts are really content thieves and reporters.

Stop trying to BE something you are not. We crave authenticity in life …why would that be any different in business. These “automated” team generated direct sales messages that you see copy and pasted all over the internet are exactly why your #soulmateclients are avoiding you.


*A mom who want’s to work from home and make more than enough money to stay home with the kids
*A person who never wants to work for corporate America again…
*A person who wants to make a difference in the lives of ………
*A woman who has overcome………..
*A woman with the goal of ………….
*A woman with a passion for…..
*A woman who loves the problem …….xxxx…solves for you.
*A woman who just wants to live a freakin rad, creative, adventurous life …..

Dial into YOUR why, YOUR passion, What lights you up about what you are doing or selling.

In the beginning of 2016, I started a serious purging process. Programs, clients, anything that was not a HELL YES for me was a definite HELL NO. It is also not vibrationally aligned for me as a mentor to give my energy to someone who isn’t a hell yes for me. Especially, with the high level alignment work I do.
One thing that I am so passionate about is helping people achieve alignment and mindsets of steel(not really the word I’m looking for but you get it)- to clear the b.s. and stories, smoke and mirrors that keeps them from showing up fully, pressing play, shining, engaging x1000.

So tell me, Who is your #soulmateclient in detail?

Who is a vibrational match for you and how you want to show up in business?

Tamara Gold

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