From custom holistic treatment planning and neuro-based coaching programs, custom made retreats for your wellness – retreat center, events or private gatherings to custom made workshops for businesses to keynote speaking at conferences; Below you can find out more about how Tamara can bring her knowledge and wisdom to create change, healing & transformation to you, your organisation or event.


FREE 7-DAY  Transformation Challenge

Feeling stuck? Need something more than just mindfulness, trendy manifesting affirmations or meditations?

Join the challenge NOW and receive access to 4 bonus brain balancing audios for pain, concentration, sleep, balance & calm, the exclusive SoulFueled Challenge Community, livestreams with guided neuro-techniques to unlock your mind and heal your life,  

In this 7-Day Unlock Your Mind Challenge, Follow The Step-By-Step Process To Unlock emotions that keep you stuck, under-performing, deplete your energy and happiness.

You’ll Discover…
> A Proven road map for unlocking the healing potential of your mind.
> Exactly how to put your body in a state of readiness for healing, learning, connecting and manifesting.
> A simple variety of strategies to tackle stress, deal with pain, inner resistance, to help keep your mind sharp and your body energized.
>How to improve your sleep, concentration and motivation.

*Bonus – Participate in all 7-Days of the challenge and receive a FREE neuro-based training each month from the “SoulFueled Woman MindBody Library” filled with (over $1997 worth of) mindset, tapping, meditation and manifestation resources to create a strong foundation to help you change, heal, and  thrive!

STARTS APRIL 15th – 23rd, 2019 

“As a busy mom and business owner, I cannot believe how much I was able to shift and change in just 7-days. I feel light Tamara, this challenge course is GOLD!” Theresa P.


“I’ve been studying personal and spiritual development practically my whole life.
This training has unlocked so much healing for me. Wow, I cannot believe the results and changes Tamara! Thank You.” Carry Lynn

“There are so many hidden gems and pieces of wisdom in this training. Tamara doesn’t just regurgitate methodology. She brings to the table such unfiltered, unique and intuitive transformational wisdom.”          Jessie L.

Tamara Gold

Tamara is a highly qualified transformation coach, master instructor, mindbody, meditation, holistic and yoga therapy teacher who specializes in neurobased holistic programming, teaching multi-day ‘immersion’ training’s & retreats. Known for her cutting-edge, engaging and authentic teaching style, she has guided thousands of people through her programs, coursed, mind-body training and events. 





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