From custom holistic treatment planning and neuro-based coaching programs, custom made retreats for your wellness – retreat center, events or private gatherings to custom made workshops for businesses to keynote speaking at conferences; Below you can find out more about how Tamara can bring her knowledge and wisdom to create change, healing & transformation to you, your organization or event.


Regain your edge! Receive access to a powerful 7-days of self-guided transformation, higher mind activation along with access to 4-brain balancing bonus audios to create heart-brain coherence,  reduce pain, increase concentration and improve sleep quality.

“As a busy mom and business owner, I cannot believe how much I was able to shift and change in just 7-days. I feel energized, focused and clear Tamara, Your work is GOLD!”

Theresa Perrione


“I’ve been studying personal and spiritual development practically my whole life. Never,  have I gotten such dramatic results from personal development programs.
Tamara’s Programs & Challenges have unlocked so much healing and results for me. I sleep better, I feel better, I’m ON FIRE at work and cannot believe the results and changes Tamara! Thank You.”

Carry Lynn


“I’ve had the best month in business “EVER” since starting my coaching program with Tamara.”

Helen Dolous

























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