One-on-one appointments with Tamara are available in Huntley, Grayslake area, online via zoom and elsewhere by request, on an extremely limited basis. Tamara helps her private clients rapidly recover from physical injuries, burnout, navigate demanding lives or prepare for important events, projects or performances. If you’re interested in a private session, please schedule a 20-minute complimentary transformation & exploration call. Serious inquiries only, please.



An exclusive 3-month program that helps wellness leaders and high-achievers discover and cultivate the balance between outward success and inner fulfillment.

The program is a fusion of an evidence based approach of neuroscience coaching, high performance psychology, and mind-body centered spiritual development to help you become a more effective, conscious and intuitive leader – entrepreneur, achieve results and deeper insights into how you live and lead. 

  • Bust through your limiting beliefs, blind spots, growth and purpose plateau so that you reach and achieve those dream opportunities.
  • Achieve higher levels of flow state, emotional intelligence, and consciousness to improve your problem solving, productivity, and focus.
  • Refine your EQ – emotional, BQ -body and intuitive intelligence to increase your resilience to stress and tension.
  • Cultivate essentialism and energetic mastery to overcome burnout and overwhelm in your work or business.
  • Heighten and refine your intuitive leadership skills to create exponential and extraordinary impact through your life, work, and leadership.
  • Clarify your life’s work and higher purpose to discern the right opportunities that create expansion, prosperity and deep fulfillment.
  • Effortlessly transition in your career, birth and/or build your dream business or signature programs.


If you’re interested in a private session, please schedule a 20-minute complimentary brainstorm & exploration call. Serious inquiries only, please.





A select number of one-on-one private coaching & consulting slots are available with Tamara each 90-day cycle. Cultivate purpose driven performance in your practice, business or with your teams. Together, we select a key project or area of concentration to focus on within a 90-day cycle. 

  1. Birth & Build Your Signature Program
  2. Product Suite & Program Mapping
  3. Creating Your Membership Site
  4. Launching & Selling Your Signature Program
  5. Overcoming Practice & Programming Plateaus
  6. Online Course, Workshop & Webinar Creation
  7. From Frameworks to Fortune
  8. Grow Your Group Coaching Program
  9. Building Your Referral Engine
  10. Affiliate Alchemy
  11. Mastermind, Retreat & Events Creation
  12. Soul Realignment For Business and Financial Abundance


Rest assured we will crush your growth and purpose plateaus.  I have over 33 years in practice, 20+ years of professional curriculum design, teaching, and corporate training and sales experience to draw from so that you walk away equipped, confident, empowered and able to achieve aligned outcomes and success. Schedule your complimentary brainstorm session here. Serious inquiries only, please.

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