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One-on-one appointments BodyTalk, neuro and intuitive healing sessions with Tamara are available online via zoom, in Huntley or on location, on a limited basis, by special request. Tamara helps her private clients rapidly recover from physical injuries, burnout, navigate demanding lives or prepare for important events, projects or performances. If you’re interested in a private session, please complete the intake and assessment form. Serious inquiries only, please.




Practical Neuroscience for Personal and Professional Development.  This is an exclusive 3-session program that helps growth seekers, leaders, and high-achievers discover and cultivate the balance between outward success and inner fulfillment.

NeuroCoaching sessions are unique in that they unfold in a way that interrupts habitual behaviors and unconscious beliefs.

Clients learn to shift between three brain networks while guided into a state of relaxed mindful awareness, to experience the difference between physical and mental relaxation, and to recognize the difference between thinking about an experience and becoming aware of one’s thoughts and feelings.

You’ll rely less on learned memories and theories that govern the planning and decision-making networks in your bran, and more on the intuitive, creative, and value-oriented functions associated with the salience and imagination brain networks of your brain.

  • Breakthrough your limiting beliefs, blind spots, growth and purpose plateau so that you reach and achieve those dream opportunities.
  • Achieve higher levels of flow state, emotional intelligence, and consciousness to improve your problem solving, productivity, and focus.
  • Refine your EQ – emotional, BQ -body and intuitive intelligence to increase your resilience to stress and tension.
  • Cultivate essentialism and energetic mastery to overcome burnout and overwhelm in your work or business.
  • Heighten and refine your intuitive leadership skills to create exponential and extraordinary impact through your life, work, and leadership.
  • Clarify your life’s work and higher purpose to discern the right opportunities that create expansion, prosperity and deep fulfillment.
  • Effortlessly transition in your career, birth and/or build your dream business or signature programs.


If you’re interested in this Neuro-coaching program please complete the intake and enrollment form. Serious inquiries only, please.



” Tamara Gold works magic! She is helping me to develop and transform my business dreams and aspirations into absolute reality and much more.”

💖Tamara is truly special! It has most certainly been a lot of hard work, but Tamara guides me with calculated and manageable tasks that quickly add up to big transformative leaps. The business that was only a wishful thought in my mind a year ago is already thriving.

Before Tamara, I could only see the mountain before me. She not only directs me to the best paths forward but also helps me to find and dissolve the boulders (my personal blocks) that hinder my progress. This is what makes Tamara extraordinary as a coach; she doesn’t just share so many phenomenal skills in business development and promotion but she connects with each client on a very intimate and personal level.

Working with Tamara is not just a step by step business building endeavor, but rather a life-changing experience that builds confidence and inner-knowing. If you take the journey with Tamara, be prepared to work hard, be held accountable and wake up realizing you are actually achieving your dreams. I highly encourage it!

Kim Kizzier Sherrodd, LMT

Founder of Applied Integrative Therapy, LLC


 Coaching Insight:

Frustrated and burned out, Kim came to me wanting to transition in her career. Before birthing her signature program, building and transitioning into her dream career, Kim and I worked at a deep mental and spiritual level to address the limiting beliefs and negative patterns that were keeping her trapped in an unfulfilling practice, tied to an unrelenting travel schedule, and minimizing her expertise in a way that drained her energy, capped her business and income potential. Kim achieved 30,500 in her first launch and has incredible momentum and growth strategy in place.

“If you feel doubtful, confused or aimless — like you’re throwing bb’s at a wall, you need Tamara in your corner.”

“Tamara really blew me away with her mind-body centered approach. I appreciated how she walked me through a complete realignment process back to my most empowered self and through the transitioning of my career from a toxic corporate 9-5, following my dream of moving to Florida and starting my own independent hair business. She helped me strategize overcoming serve burnout, address serious health issues, as well as, the birthing of my own creative business and following my passions. Her step-by-step coaching process saved me years of guesswork, therapy, planning, tons of time and hundreds of dollars energy and resources.

This process mapped out everything I needed to do release my limiting beliefs, overcome my fears, to align my actions and know where to focus my efforts to move forward to create a seamless transition. She worked with me to develop a clear sense of where I’m headed along with a distinct timeline. This was incredibly useful to determine what investments to make, where to focus my energy and effortlessly say, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the opportunities that come my way. If you feel doubtful, confused or aimless — like you’re throwing bb’s at a wall, you need Tamara in your corner.”

Jolanda Donovan

Independent Stylist – Artist

Coach Insight:  This comes, from my signature structured approach and ABILITY to tap into and reveal the hidden roots to a client’s symptom and action patterns. Fundamentally, we uproot what the client is suppressing, doing and re-enforcing or what they are resisting and refusing to deal with. This process decodes what exactly creates their biggest struggles & pain points whether it’s weight, money, career, relationship or purpose.

“In under 30 days, since the start of our coaching journey together I have created the BEST MONTH in my business, EVER. I have better boundaries on my time, energy and attention. Tamara has helped me tremendously. I feel confident in up-selling because I understand the value and quality of my work and expertise. Her insights and coaching have helped me to discover and stop the money and energy drains associated with the over-giving of my products and services. Her continued support and dynamic energetic coaching sessions have helped me to maintain high levels of energy, heal the habits that were driving burnout and strategically address my health concerns. “

Helen Doulos
Raydiant Skin By Helen

Coaching Insight:

Helen, a classic compassionate soul, needed boundaries on her giving. Over giving her time, energy, products, treatment upgrades, the open loopholes of unresolved events and emotions, etc all lead to a complex compilation of energy and abundance leaks that affected her energy, happiness and bank account.

“Since this program I’m on fire, everyone is coming up to me and asking what I am doing.”

“WOW, finally I feel completely clear where to put my focus. I was SO STRESSED about figuring out my next career steps and relationship goals. I felt like you understood me, know me, and could read my mind, know my struggles. Since this program I’m on fire, everyone is coming up to me and asking what I am doing.”

Kristine Hill

LMT, Personal Image Consultant

Coach Insight: This comes from CLARITY and helping people align on deep levels of the subconscious mind, to connect to what they REALLY want instead of what they think they want. This program gets you in full alignment with what YOU NEED TO THRIVE. You walk away with your very own blueprint for living fully expressed. This program creates clarity and empowers you to cuts through your emotional baggage, overcome imposter syndrome and the inner resistance that builds from tribal narratives. Stories you’ve been told your whole life about what people like you can and cannot do. especially when you are seeking more purpose and professional success.

“UNBELIEVABLE, this is huge, I cannot believe I could be so burned out, at such a young age, from constantly chasing other people’s ideas of success.”

“Tamara’s programs have given me so many insights. I sat with how much other people’s opinions and how long these blocks have taken a toll on me and what that has cost me personally, professionally and financially. You’re a genius, Tamara! This program is a MUST for any ambitious or driven women.” 

Sarah French

Co-Founder – Potsitivities 

Coach Insight:  This comes from COMPASSIONATE presence, holding a safe and sacred space for awareness, acceptance, pain, confusion, frustration, and anger to the surface for release. Acknowledging the emotional resistance from years of turmoil or generational conditioning is powerful. Recognizing how these learned patterns have infused all areas of life, love and success gives you the precise knowledge of what you must be cleared, change and in what order. Then, by taking precise and aligned action, understanding your unique gifts and set of subconscious blocks we now have the fuel to create rapid, even generational, karmic shifts.

“Tamara’s coaching is consciously and energetically dynamic. Her coaching delivers rapid results and the deepest, most transformational, energetic coaching program I’ve ever experienced.” 

Paige Kowall – Lipsey

Yoga Instructor – Certified Energy Practitioner

Coaching Insight:
You have the opportunity to change your story. You’re holding the pen. And you get to calibrate your compass to move forward. The conditions that contribute to your success are largely subconscious forces They are the real and imagined obstacles you need to overcome in order to achieve what you want in life.

Some of them are physical. Some are financial. Some are social. These types of barriers are unavoidable. However, your ability to overcome, thrive and succeed begins with the mind – that’s completely within in your control. So if you really want to see success, the first obstacles you need to clear are the ones that you are unconsciously setting for yourself.

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